Gearing up for FM Bank Back to School Drive

The Farmers and Merchants State Bank (FM Bank) in Langdon has started a new community effort to help all students going back to school achieve success and have a great school year with the “FM Bank Back to School Drive”. 

FM school supplies

Posted on 8/22/15

By Melissa Anderson

The staff at the bank are gearing up to help provide the necessary school supplies for those who need it this upcoming school year and are asking Langdon and the surrounding area to help in achieving this goal.

“Carol Mikkelsen and I came up with the idea for the drive and organized it. All of the FM Bank staff members are participating in receiving donations,” Brittany Farris, one of the organizers for the drive said.

Farris explained that the idea to start the school supply drive came about after a few of the FM Bank staff members were discussing back to school shopping and how much it costs to purchase supplies and clothing for their children.

“Later on, Carol and I were talking about programs at other schools where community members can make donations toward supplies and meals for children in need,” Farris said.

“We realized there was nothing like that in Langdon, and we thought a school supply drive would be a great way to help students in the Langdon community,” Farris explained.

From there, Mikkelsen and Farris decided to organize the back to school drive to gather necessary supplies for the school year for those who need it. Mikkelsen and Farris organized the drive quickly to meet the beginning of the school year when the demand for supplies is the highest.

“To our knowledge, a school supply donation drive like this has never been held in the Langdon area,” Farris explained.

Because the drive just recently started, Mikkelsen and Farris are eagerly awaiting donations.

“We are taking donations immediately, as we would like to start delivering supplies when school starts on August 25,” Farris said.

FM Bank will continue the drive for as long as community members wish to keep donating school supplies to the children.

“I’m hopeful that we will be able to make this an annual event,” Farris stated.

The items that FM Bank is looking for is the of basic school supply variety that includes items such as pens, pencils, notebooks, glue, crayons, scissors, markers, etc.

“We don’t have a specific amount of donations we are looking for. The greater the amount of donations, the better to help our community’s students in need,” Farris explained

FM Bank will also accept monetary donations which will be put towards the purchase of additional supplies.

“Farmers and Merchants State Bank will be making a donation to the drive, and we invite any local business to make a donation as well if they wish,” Farris said.

The staff at FM Bank will be bringing the supplies to the schools for distribution to children who need them at the beginning of the school year.

The local schools benefitting from the donations are Langdon Area High School and Elementary schools and St. Alphonsus Catholic School.

“We will be dividing the supplies between the three schools while making sure that the supplies brought to each school are age-appropriate for the students,” Farris said.

Mikkelsen and Farris are sure the school supply drive will be successful in raising adequate supplies for students that need it. Farris explained how Langdon and the surrounding areas are always so generous when it comes to the various fundraisers and drives in the community.

“I really hope that people recognize what a great opportunity this is to help the community’s students as they pursue their educations,”Farris said.

“We have already received a bunch of donations,” Farris added.

To donate items to the FM Bank Back to School Drive simply drop the items you wish to donate off at the lobby of Farmers and Merchants State Bank during regular lobby hours of 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

For more information please call FM Bank at 701-256-5431.