Love stories and food trucks

Many may have noticed the food truck that has been parked by the Langdon Laundromat over the past few weeks.

Vin Dawley

Posted on 9/5/15

By Melissa Anderson

What some may not know is that the truck was built by local handyman extrodinaire, Donald Berardi.

“It was a nice project to do during the winter. I could build it and sell it or run it,” Berardi said.

Berardi purchased the truck and then remodeled the interior to make it into a restaurant on wheels. Berardi, who is a retired electrician, made the food truck from an old Cavalier County emergency services truck.

Berardi began his food services career when he was just 12 years old and worked in restaurants until he was 19. From there he joined the Marine Corp. and later became a licensed electrician working in construction for 41 years which is how this food lover got to Langdon.

“The company I worked for had Border Patrol projects to build, and I decided to come out. Once the buildings were completed, I met a girl and I decided to stay,” Berardi said.

The idea to combine his skills of construction and his love of cooking came as means for Berardi to enjoy his retirement.

“I thought since I did love to cook at one time and still do, this would be good way to use my skills,” Berardi said.

A food truck business is easier to operate then a full fledged restaurant as the overhead is much less and also makes the food mobile allowing those who operate a food truck to cater events such as auctions or other outdoor events.

While the building and selling of food trucks is the primary focus for Berardi, the process of building food trucks hasn’t stopped him from flexing his culinary muscles.

“I can cook anything from seafood newburg to french fries,” Berardi said.

As Berardi contemplates the sale of his current food truck, “That’s Italian”, he still uses it as a means of self advertising making anything that most food trucks would serve for hungry travelers and locals alike. Berardi even has specials and has designated Wednesdays as “Italian Night” serving Italian cuisine favorites like lasagna and chicken parmesan.

“The best thing to do to insure you get a good meal is to order ahead,” Berardi said.

Berardi focuses on making good food as he bakes his own bread along with steak and cheese sandwiches, meatball subs, and an assortment of foods that kids like as well.

“I love cooking and it was just something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Berardi said.

So while Berardi contemplates the sale of his first food truck and the building of a new food truck, he is looking forward to his future adventures in the food truck business.

“Not all love stories have a happy ending, but I’ll always be cooking,”Berardi stated.

To contact Donald Berardi for your next meal or more information on food trucks call 701-370-0695.