Melissa’s Musings

The Religious Guide on How to be Un-American


Posted on 9/12/15

By Melissa Anderson

Most people follow the law and enjoy the freedoms that doing so gives them. A very interesting scenario of criminal activity being considered as freedom is currently underway in our country. This begs the question: when are religious freedoms and civil disobedience championed? Right now in Kentucky and across the United States, many are saying that the embattled Rowan County Clerk of Court is exercising her personal right of freedom of religion by denying same sex couples the right to receive marriage licenses.

The reality is, personal rights cannot and should not be used as an excuse to not perform government related duties, such as that of the Clerk of Court issuing marriage licenses. It’s literally that simple.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights only go so far to protect you. In this case, what that clerk is doing is civil disobedience in the highest order. This is not a heroic act to be celebrated.

The clerk in question broke the oath of office she took as an elected official of the United States of America to uphold the Constitution. Furthermore, that same clerk then willingly defied a court order so she could deny government services to couples who are legally entitled to be married.

To show the arrogance of this elected official who refuses to do her duties, let’s use the following example: if someone who followed the Islamic faith tried to do something similar, say deny women driver’s licenses, they would not be met with such support. Another example is  someone who follows the Quaker  religion and denies gun licenses – they would face quick and severe repercussions of the mob with pitchforks variety. It’s also highly, highly doubtful that any presidential candidate would be showing such boisterous support for these individuals.

While I wholeheartedly agree that she is entitled to hold her  personal religious beliefs, what she is not entitled to do is impose those personal beliefs on others by using her government position. As an elected official, she acts on behalf of the government that represents the people.

It is her sworn duty to uphold the rulings and laws of the government. Her behavior, however, as an elected official flaunting her position of power, does not uphold the laws and rulings of the highest court in the land. She instead actively and loudly defies the court. As an American I cannot fathom why anyone would continue to support someone in a government position who so unequivocally abuses that position for personal reasons.

There is a reason that the United States has a separation of Church and State. We are not governed by the Bible but by the Constitution. In our society,the intended society of the founding fathers, it is to our benefit to obey civil laws, not religious ones. To suggest otherwise is simply, inarguably and entirely un-American.