Interior Auto Detail wants to shine your vehicle

Car owners everywhere know that in order to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, maintenance is key.

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Posted on 9/19/15

By Melissa Anderson

It isn’t just the mechanical aspect of the vehicle that owners should try to maintain but also the interior. Luckily for the Langdon area, Jane Hayen, owner of Interior Auto Detail, has just the tools and the elbow grease to keep the interior of your vehicle sparkling clean.

“Auto detailing is pretty much as it reads, paying attention to the details,” Hayen said.

Paying attention to details was a big part of the decision to start her own auto detailing business. Hayen had to be sure she could make the business work with her preexisting schedule and also spend time with her daughter.

“It is a business that allows me to be flexible with scheduling and an opportunity for my daughter and I to do it together.”

A major concern at the outset of the business starting up was finding a shop that would allow Hayen to operate within it to do the detailing. Hayen approached Dane and Janine Witzel with Witzel Construction about possibly using space in their shop. The Witzels agreed to allow Hayen to operate within their shop.

“They have been awesome,” Hayen said.

It wasn’t just the shop that Hayen had to find but also purchasing the initial start-up equipment along with spreading the word of her services by hanging up fliers and the all-important recommendation by word-of-mouth.

When working on vehicles, the focus is on making the interior of a vehicle as clean as possible. Hayen has a few options for customers to choose from including the basic detail which is a thorough vacuum, cleaning of the air vents, dash, instrument and door panels, floor mats, seats and windows.

“We do a quick hand wash to the exterior but no polishing or waxing,” Hayen said.

A deluxe cleaning would include the basic detail plus steam cleaning the carpets and upholstery at an additional charge. According the Hayen, the biggest part of auto detailing is good old elbow grease.  The majority of the cleaning  supplies used by Hayen at her business are purchased locally at CarQuest. These supplies make the interior of her clients’ vehicles sparkle. It isn’t just elbow grease and great products that make the cars so clean on the inside.

“We do have some trade secrets,” Hayen said.

As Hayen also works fulltime, Interior Auto Detail appointments are scheduled on weekday evenings and Saturdays. Pricing varies depending on the size and condition of the vehicle with a basic detail for cars and 2-door pickups starting at $75, 4-door pickups $100, and SUVs $125.

“We offer a good deal throughout the year,” Hayen said.

As the dust settles from harvest, be sure to keep Interior Auto Detail in mind as a way to head into winter with a clean car. To schedule your vehicle, please call 701-370-0767 or 701-256-2214.