Langdon City Commissioners hold first meeting of the month

The Langdon City Commission held their first meeting of the month.


Posted on 9/19/15

By Melissa Anderson

The City Superintendent Rob Gilseth had been working with Josh Plummer and Building Inspector Gary Bimler on trying to obtain a permit from the state to cut the curb and create a driveway as a means of exiting the automatic car wash that Plummer is currently building.

The state has denied the permit and instructed Plummer to use the alley as a means of entrance and exit from the car wash. The reason the state gave for the denial was because of conflicting safety concerns.

The city commissioners discussed the issue of getting new assessment software. The commissioners were in agreement that the Vanguard software was the program that they would like to implement in Langdon. Commission Chair Charles “Chuck” Downs stated that he would approach the Cavalier County Commission and state that the City of Langdon would be willing to work with the county commissioners in the purchasing of the software.

Bimler then addressed the commission on marking four lots that are owned by the city as unsalable due to the fact that any construction on those lots would flood neighboring properties that already have structures. The lots are located along across from John Deere Implement and are numbered 60947-60951. After some discussion on what could make the lots usable, it was decided that the lots would incur additional costs in order to remove the water and not flood property owners to the north and west of those lots. The commission decided to leave the lots as is but will be sure to take Bimler’s remarks on  managing water into consideration should any offers be made on those lots.

The commission had to table the Planning and Zoning requests of changing the zoning for David Hennager’s lot and the vacating of 13th Ave and 18th Street at the industrial park due to insufficient number of commissioners able to vote.

Also tabled was the vacating of a street to Peter Klingbeil for the same reason. The two items would be addressed at a special meeting held Wednesday morning.

Following the adjournment of the regular meeting the city commission opened a special meeting for the preliminary budgets and raises.

The commissioners reviewed the preliminary budget as prepared by Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader. Schrader explained the commission changes to the budget as a result of legislation and upcoming planned expenses.

The commissioners and Schrader went over the preliminary budget to spot any discrepancies or mistakes.

The Langdon City Commission awarded $100 raises to all city employees with the exception of Jason Busse, who received a $200 raise for his exceptional work at the water treatment plant.

In Other Business:

The city commission approved paying Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) roughly $36,000 that is owed after the fiscal year as pertains to the agreement in the contract between the two. The money owed is a result of more chemical being purchased and less City of Langdon water being used by NRWD.

• Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services have started preliminary work on the streets. Downs informed Gilseth that Moore Engineering would like to be kept updated with information found as this could assist in their projects for the city in regards to infrastructure projects their firm is working on.