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And the rains came


Posted on 9/26/15

By Jake Kulland

Wow, we come to you this week the day after one of the craziest rain and thunderstorms that went through Langdon on the evening of Sept. 23.  The nasty weather started early in the evening and went through most of the night, lighting up the nighttime sky and blasting some of the loudest cracks of thunder that we have heard in a very long time. All told right around three inches of rain fell and power was lost in some rural areas of Cavalier County.  It was a rain that naturally this time of year some needed and some did not, but it is what it is.  The forecast looks great, for at least the next week, for some fine harvest weather into October at least.

Big passing stats for Cardinals football, but not thought to be a record

Langdon-Munich’s quarterback Jacob Delvo threw for 345 yards passing in the Cardinals latest high school football game in a loss to Rugby on Sept. 18.  It brought questions if that was a school record in that category.  Well, noone can be quite sure because records were lost a number of years ago (and not found, to my knowledge) for Cardinals football.  It was thought that Jeremy Dinius put up 450 yards passing in the late 90s to 2000, and I’m sure they are other high numbers out there.  It was fun to hear fans reminisce about Cardinals football.  The names of Clay Fetsch, Steve Gellner, Joe Doseman, Zack Schaefer, Travis Beck, Jade Tibbitts and many more were all brought up, along with many great stories about all of them.  I just wish we had some kind of record book, but again it appears to be lost forever.

Highway 5 Pool League meeting this week

The coming of October also means the start of the Highway 5 Pool League, which includes Langdon and some points in Cavalier County. L & L Amusement is running the league once again this year, and the organizational meeting will be held Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the Langdon Eagles Club.  So if you have a returning team this year, or starting a new one or would like to get on a team, please be at this meeting.  There have been over 20 teams in the league the past couple of years, with has been unbelievable, but there is always room for more.

“See ya!”  next week!