New Hope Fellowship welcomes new Youth Pastors

The New Hope Fellowship Church has found two new youth pastors in Jordan and Emily Braunberger. 

NEw youth pastors

Posted on 9/26/15

By Melissa Anderson

Jordan is originally from New Rockford and attended Trinity Bible College in Ellendale. Emily, a Langdon native, attended North Dakota State University where she received a degree in journalism.

Previous to the move to Langdon Jordan was a youth and associate pastor in Wahpeton for three and half years. The Braunbergers will be making the youth pastorship a team effort and partnership.

Both are very much looking forward to the small town community atmosphere that Langdon has in spades and continuing in the footsteps of the previous youth pastors.

“With Garrett (Freier) obviously leaving big shoes to fill,  we will continue to bring hope and God’s truth to the youth of our community but also be true to who we are and build relationships with the students,” Jordan said.

For these two youth pastors, coming to Langdon seemed to be truly the work of God as the Braunbergers never foresaw the possibility of coming to a small community in their future but are glad to be here and are looking to the future.

“I can honestly say that I never thought I would move back to Langdon, but it’s been a really good change and a really big welcome to the community that reminds you how precious a small community like Langdon is,” Emily said.

“I am looking forward to being back in a Class B community and starting a family here,” Jordan added.

The Braunbergers can be found all over town as Jordan will be working at the high school as the janitor.

“I can connect with students, and it’s been super awesome as I’ve seen that unfold,” Jordan said.

Emily has found her place at some of the best shops in town including the Perfect Blend, Sew on, Sew North, and Langdon Floral. The shops provide a perfect means to encourage her interests in all things crafty and home DIY.

The Braunbergers interests also can connect them to their students. Jordan has a love of board and card games, and Emily enjoys musical theater and is looking forward to getting back into the community theater program.

“I directed the one act play at Casselton last year,” Emily said.

Jordan is looking forward to getting involved and being a part of the community as well.

“I like to serve and help out so that is something that is really important to me,” Jordan said.

The Braunbergers are looking forward to continuing the community service projects of “Trick or Treat for those who don’t have enough to eat” and “Lights of Love”.

“Those are definitely two things I’m looking forward to doing and continuing,” Jordan said.

The Braunbergers stressed that the New Hope Fellowship youth group is open to any denomination youth between the grades of 7-12.

“Those interested can expect community, acceptance along with hope and truth from the bible,” Jordan stated.

The Braunbergers stated a typical youth group meeting will have a time for hanging out and games followed by a service that consists of music and preaching. The purpose of these youth groups is to have the youth leave encouraged and know God’s truth and love.

“I think when you think about Ignite Youth Church, you can expect hope and truth.  You can expect authenticity from us (Jordan and Emily). You can expect to be loved, accepted, and have a place to belong,” Jordan explained.

The youth group meets on Wednesday nights from 7 to about 8:30 p.m. at the Paragon “Old Curling Club”.

For more information on the youth group, please contact Jordan Braunberger at 701-650-1550.