City meets with Moore Engineering

Moore Engineering and members of the City of Langdon  met to discuss what issues would be addressed and considered in the upcoming planning project. 


Posted on 10/3/15

By Melissa Anderson

Langdon City Commission President Charles “Chuck” Downs, Commissioner Jim Rademacher, who oversees the City of Langdon Water Department, and City Superintendent Rob Gilseth met with Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman, who is the main liaison between the firm and the city, along with two  other representatives, Andrew Askre and Cavin Berube.

Askre and Berube will be reviewing plans of the City of Langdon’s infrastructure that were provided to them by city officials. Moore will scan the plans and create a disc not only for themselves but for the city as well since some of the plans are not in the best of shape.

Ritterman stated at the beginning of the meeting that the purpose of the meeting was to create a plan and list of areas that were a priority for the city to address. During the study the team will create a bigger picture of what needs to be done which they will present to the city commission when finished with the planning study.

The team wanted to know what were the problem areas for the water, sewer, and drainage that the city officials knew about already.

At previous meetings, two projects were made top priority already for the city to address, the raising of the city lagoons and deepening of the water main on 4th Avenue. Other projects that were discussed on the top of the list were the projects on 6th and 9th avenue.

The biggest concerns that the city officials stressed to the representatives from Moore was the  shallow and outdated sewer and water system and the effect that it was having on the streets. Much of the system was put in place in the 1940’s with later additions being added in the 60’s and early 70’s. Groundwater and drainage issues were next on the topics of things that  were in need of being addressed.

After a long discussion on where the city would like Moore  Engineering to review and assess, Askre went over the time line for when the study would be concluded.

The process will begin in October with the potential for having to televise or digitally review the sewer systems also occurring during that time.

Once all that work is done, representatives from Moore would meet with the city commission to discuss what had been accomplished and what had been found. The final report would be completed in December with requests for funding being sent out no later than February.

Ritterman assured the city that there is funding available and that Moore would be looking into what the best sources of funding would be for the city.