Junque Decor to open in new location

Junk lovers take note, Nancy Becker’s Junque Decor has moved to a new location within Langdon.

junque decor

Posted on 10/10/15

By Melissa Anderson

Becker has put up shop at the corner of Highway 5 and Third Street in the old Schroeder Furniture location.

“We decided on buying a building as a way to grow our business,” Becker said.

The draw of the location wasn’t just because it provided an opportunity to grow. The size of the building also gave Becker the space she needs to work on her “junque”.

“I was needing a work area, other than our front yard. There is a great work space in the back.” Becker stated.

Previously, Becker had her collection of ‘junque” housed and stored in various locations so having it all in one place is another perk of the new location.

“I plan on going to junk shows in other towns and wanted to have all my inventory under one roof,” Becker said.

For those unfamiliar with “Junque Decor”, the store has many one of a kind items that have been refurbished, restored, or just re-found.

“I have some interesting junk yard finds. This year I was taking vintage strollers apart and wagons and making patio beverage carts. The trend is a lot of galvanized items, pails, wash tubs, watering cans and pumpkins,” Becker stated.

Finding these items may seem like finding a needle in a haystack to most of us, but for this picker, it’s a lot fun to discover the hidden gems in the most unique places.

“With my kind of store I go to many different places to get items to sell. I actually have been out to barns, quonsets, graineries, and rock piles. I even dug through a school bus once,” Becker said

Tips from friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers provide the pieces that will become “junque decor”.

“I also have been getting calls from families cleaning out for parents or their own. It is like a treasure hunt. I want to look at everything and in every corner they offer,” Becker explained.

Most everything in Becker’s store she has either painted or freshened up the original finish. Becker doesn’t limit herself to just the picking items but has also built a few items as well and looks forward to having the space to increase her handmade items.

“I have built from scratch a few benches. With our new building there is a work space. If I can build 10 things this winter from my list, I would be happy,” Becker said.

Becker does not have any one signature type or style of piece to showcase but instead works on maintaining a good mix of items in her shop.

“I redo dressers, buffets, side tables and chairs. I have garden decor, planters, and signs. Lighting is something I have this year that I ordered at market,” Becker said.

While she is still unsure how often Junque Decor will be open, Becker likes to take part in community activities such as when Langdon has special event.

“I am hoping to add vendors as the upstairs is big,” Becker stated.

The next event at Junque Decor will be on Saturday, October 17 with the doors opening at 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The doors will again be open on October 18 from 12:30-4:00 p.m.

“I am willing to open up whenever I am called, if I am available,” Becker said. If something catches your eye at Junque Decor, please give Nancy Becker a call at 701- 370-2639.