New advocate for Langdon DVAC location

The Domestic Violence and Abuse Center (DVAC) has a new advocate at the Langdon location.

Josie new DVAC

Posted on 10/17/15

By Melissa Anderson

Josie Ramsrud took over the position in late August and continues to undergo advocacy training every month to better serve those who need her.

Ramsrud decided to become an advocate in Langdon because of personal experience. She is up for the challenge of helping others in their time of need and furthering the reach of the DVAC

“There is lots to learn, been busy with expo and doing victim assistance with Scott Stewart as well as online training,” Ramsrud said.

Originally from Langdon, Ramsrud was born here and still has family that is from here. Ramsrud takes her new position very seriously and is clear that the primary goal of the DVAC is to first and foremost make sure that those who seek their aid are safe.

“Even if you call–that’s our first question, are you safe,” Ramsrud said.

After that, Ramsrud stated, that the goal is to help them find things that they may need, whether it’s social services, a new place to live or to go into a shelter if they are not safe.

“It’s moral support basically with counseling,” Ramsrud stated.

“As an advocate you advocate  for individuals in whatever situation they may be in,” Ramsrud continued.

The DVAC location in Langdon is located at 909 2nd St., which is in the Ambulance building behind the Cavalier County Courthouse.

“Don’t ever be afraid to call me or the Domestic Violence and Abuse Center for assistance,” Ramsrud said.

The hours that Ramsrud will be in the office are from Monday through Wednesday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“If it’s not urgent, you can leave a voice mail. If it is urgent call the 24 hour crisis hot line,” Ramsrud said, “There are people on call during the weekends who check for messages”.

Ramsrud stressed that instincts can play a big role in getting someone help.

“Nine times out of 10, just trusting your gut instincts are usually right. If you think someone is possibly going through this, you can give them these numbers,” Ramsrud stated.

“There is always someone available,” Ramsrud continued.

Again, the phone number at the Langdon location is 701-256-6204. There is also the 24 hour Crisis Hot Line 1-866-435-7490.