NLAC welcomes new director

The Northern Lights Arts Council (NLAC) has found a new director in Carla Gimmell.

Gemmill new NLAC director

Posted on 10/31/15

By Melissa Anderson

Gimmell took over for long time director Carol Hart on Oct. 27.

Gimmell has always had an interest in the arts from theatre to music and also has experience organizing events and writing grants. Gimmell also carries a strong financial background.

“The combination of these things made me feel like it would be a perfect fit for me,” Gimmell said.

Gimmell is looking forward to helping keep the Langdon area full of opportunities to experience art, and being more involved in all these fun events.

“I think Carol and the NLAC board have done a terrific job of bringing fun events to our area,” Gimmell stated.

Gimmell’s hope is to not only keep these current opportunities available but try to bring new events as they become available.

“Our community members have been supportive of these experiences, so I’ll be looking to them for other things they’d like to see us bring,” Gimmell said.

While this will be Gimmell’s first opportunity to serve in a more authoritative role with the arts council, Gimmell and her husband became members as soon as they were notified of the opportunity.

“The NLAC depends on matching funds to apply for grants to bring some events to town, so I encourage everyone to become a member,” Gimmell stated.

There are several levels of memberships available, and Gimmell would be happy to visit with anyone who is interested or has questions.

“I’m excited to begin my new role, so I hope that excitement carries through to the things I work on and the people I work with. I will always do my best to keep new and exciting things happening in our town,” Gimmell said.

The NLAC will continue to focus on the events that are currently scheduled, but Gimmell is excited about a couple other things that she is looking to bring to the community.

“One being an opportunity to be an audience member, and one that would be a participation event,” Gimmell shared.

Gimmell wishes to thank the NLAC for giving her this opportunity but realizes that taking over the position will have some challenges.

“I do have some big shoes to fill. Carol Hart is retiring as executive director after 14 years with NLAC,” Gimmell said.

The NLAC board and Gimmell are planning a retirement party for Hart and would like for everyone to attend. The party will be held on Nov. 2 from 4-6 p.m. at the Langdon Research Center.

“Please plan to come and wish Carol well as she begins her much-deserved retirement!  She has done a wonderful job for the NLAC and we want to show our appreciation to her for that,” Gimmell said.

As Gimmell prepares to take over the post, she plans to have a very “open-door” policy in her new position as director.

“If anyone has ideas or suggestions for events, please let me know. The arts are a wonderful thing, so new experiences are always good!

Gimmell can be reached via email at or by phone at 256-2440.

“I look forward to seeing all of you at a NLAC event very soon,” Gimmell said.