Cavalier County Emergency Food Pantry still needs donations

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season will soon be upon us.


Posted on 11/14/15

By Melissa Anderson

While for many it means a flurry of activity preparing for the holidays to come, for others it means wondering where and if they will be able to get food to feed not only themselves but their families.

“Three times a year we coordinate the distribution of holiday baskets–Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas,” Kathy Downs, a member of the Cavalier County Emergency Food Pantry, stated.

The Cavalier County Emergency Food Pantry continues to provide food baskets during the holiday season and throughout the cold North Dakota winter to  those in need residing in Cavalier County.

The food pantry has assisted 78 adults and 95 children thus far in 2015. These food baskets provide enough food for a family of four for approximately two weeks.

These baskets provide the basics of a holiday meal for families that would be without a special meal for those holidays. Donations help provide food such as turkey, ham, stuffing mix, fresh potatoes, jello and pies in addition to being able to pay the expenses and purchase of food items to fill the pantry shelves for the rest of the year.

“We work in partnership with the Great Plains Food Bank and are able to receive food items at a reduced cost,” Kathy Downs  said, “However, when we order from the Great Plains Food Bank, we are only able to get whatever they have available in their warehouse.”

In order to complete the filling of food baskets, additional groceries are purchased from local grocery stores in Cavalier County.

Items in the basket are a turkey, fresh dinner rolls from the local bakery, fresh potatoes donated from the North Valley Growers out of Hoople, canned pumpkin, jello, gravy mix, green beans, cream of mushroom soup and if the pantry has extra of any items in the stock, the volunteers will throw in a surprise such as cookies, a package of microwave popcorn, granola bars but something unexpected and fun.

“The volunteers with the Food Pantry work hard in providing a traditional Thanksgiving meal basket,” Downs said.

The Stuff A Truck Food Drive event which is a major contributor to the Cavalier County Emergency Food Pantry was pretty successful this year. However, items donated were fewer than in years past.

“There were a lot of generous people that put things into the donation box at Leevers during the time the food drive ran. We are still in need of items such as stuffing mix and jello. Cans of pumpkin are also needed,” Downs stated.

“With your help, the Food pantry would not be able to do this work,” Downs said.

Downs explained that the Food Pantry runs totally on donations.  Financial donations help to pay expenses such as rent but monetary donations are also used to cover food vouchers that are provided when necessary and help to purchase groceries all year long. Without the generosity of donors, whether it be financial or food items, there wouldn’t be a Cavalier County Food Pantry .

“The Cavalier County Emergency Food Pantry Board would like to extend a heartfelt thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who has worked in one capacity or another to provide for the hungry in Cavalier County,” Downs said.

Please consider a financial  or food item donation to the Cavalier County Emergency Food Pantry. You can send your monetary donation to: Cavalier County Emergency Food Pantry, PO Box 630, Langdon, ND 58249.