Cavalier County Library receives Libri Foundation grant

The Cavalier County Library was one of a select few rural North Dakota libraries to receive a grant from the Libri Foundation towards the purchase of new children’s books. 


Posted on 11/14/15

By Melissa Anderson

“Our children’s books are well-read and well-loved. This grant allows us to add to our children’s collection, keep it up to date, and replace old worn books,” Shannon Nuelle, Director for the Cavalier County Library said.

The Libri Foundation is a nationwide non-profit organization that donates new, quality children’s books to small, rural public libraries in the United States through their Books for Children program.

The Foundation believes that children who learn to enjoy reading at an early age will develop a lifelong love of reading.  In order for children to develop a love of reading, they must first have access to books that will expand their horizons, activate their imaginations and touch their emotions.

In rural communities, the public library is often the main source of books for children, and the Libri Foundation matches local contributions up to $350 at a 2-to-1 ratio. This enables local libraries the opportunity to receive up to $1050. In new, quality, hardcover books for children.

“We applied for this grant in April of this year and were awarded it in June. We received the grant of 83 hardcover children’s books at the end of October,” Nuelle said.

Choosing from a list of 600 titles, many of which are award winners, Cavalier County Librarian Shannon Nuelle selected titles for the library to receive.

Due to generous donations to the Libri Foundation this year, the Cavalier County Library received a special non-matching grant of $1050 worth of books, with an additional $350 worth of overstock books. Overall, the library received almost $1400 worth of new hardcover books to stock the shelves of the children’s section.

“Because we received a special non-matching grant this year, we did not require any extra donations from the community,” Nuelle explained.

The library is able to apply for the grant every three years. This is the fifth time they have received the grant.

This year the library received 83 new hardcover books for the Children’s Easy and Easy Reader sections, and the Junior Fiction and Junior Nonfiction sections.  These books are now on display and are available for check out.