Langdon Area School Board holds monthly meeting

The Langdon Area School Board held their monthly meeting on Monday, November 9.


Posted on 11/14/15

By Melissa Anderson

The school board members were introduced to many of the new teachers at this meeting.

The first item of new business that the board addressed was the acceptance of Lane Christianson’s letter of resignation from the board. At the previous board meeting it was decided that board members could not also be paid school employees, such as coaches, which was what Christianson chose to do instead of being on the board.

The board members were asked by School Board President Warren Jonasson to bring names to fill the seat left vacant by Christianson’s resignation. The board also agreed that those who showed interest in the city seat would also be asked to consider running for a full term when the seat goes up for election in June.

The board went over a draft of the school calendar for 2016-17 school year. Superintendent Mark Mindt presented the draft and compared the dates and vacation days of the 2015-16 calendar to that of the rough draft.

The board also did an evaluation of Mindt’s performance as the new superintendent thus far in the school year. Overall the board expressed their satisfaction with Mindt’s performance and commended him for bringing renewed vigor to the school. The board also expressed how impressed they were with the school administration improving and energizing both the high school and  the elementary school. The board gave Mindt a satisfactory  on the evaluation.

In Other Business

• The board approved the contract for Marci Crockett as she joins the elementary school faculty as a preschool paraprofessional.

• Board members Tiffany Hetletved and Warren Jonasson gave their reports on their attendance of the North Dakota School Board Association convention.

• Superintendent Mark Mindt informed the board that the school will be placing an ad for a winter sport’s photographer. The photographers will submit bids  to the school.