Cavalier County Commissioners conduct meeting

The Cavalier County Commissioners held their last meeting for the month of November on the 17.


Posted on 11/21/15

By Melissa Anderson

At this meeting the commissioners met with Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz. Lafrenz gave the commission an update on the contracts with Vanguard for both the software and the reassessment of the county.

Lafrenz explained that the contract for the software is not yet ready to be signed but that she expects it by the next commission meeting.

The contract for the reassessment of the residential and commercial properties in the county including the City of Langdon is also not ready. Lafrenz informed the commission that the Vanguard representative that is working with her is trying to move other contracts around so that Cavalier County assessments can take place in 2018 rather than 2020 which is how far out the company is currently booked. The contract for the reassessments will be ready sometime in February.

Lafrenz told the commission that she will be sending out farm exemption letters to those  that currently have that status to update the list. Many in Cavalier County will be receiving the  letter and form in the coming weeks. Should the form not be returned to Lafrenz by the due date in February, the applicant will lose their farm exemption status for those properties previously listed as such.

In Other Business

• The commission met with  Cavalier County Treasurer Cindy Stremick and Cavalier County Clerk of Court Anita Beauchamp to discuss the duties and possible contracts that the future Human Resources position will have.

• The commission held the Cavalier County delinquent tax sale.