2015 Langdon Area Tour of Homes

The Northern Lights Arts Council and the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce cordially invite you to attend the 2015 Langdon Area Christmas Tour of Homes.

Posted on 11/28/15

By Melissa Anderson

This year’s homes include Joanne Field, Burnell and Renae Skjervheim, Tom and Val Olson, Anthony and Mauri Roy, and Tammy Bodnar.

The tour takes place at 12:30 p.m. on December 5 with the meeting time prior to the event starting at 12:15 p.m. Participants of the tour are to meet at Farmers and Merchants State Bank where they can enjoy refreshments as well as buy tickets and register for the tour.

Advanced tickets are also available at Farmers and Merchants State Bank as well Choice Financial. Advance tickets are $10 and also enter the holder into a door prize drawing. Day of tickets will be available to purchase at the starting point for $15 but do not enter the holder into the drawing.

The sponsoring organizations would like to remind those who intend to go on the tour of homes to be respectful of the home owners and their homes. They ask that participants follow these guidelines: no smoking, no photos, no backpacks, and no children under 10.

The homeowners for this year’s tour responded to the following questions regarding the tour.

Why did you want/decide to be on the Christmas Tour of Homes?

Joanne Field – “I consider Carol Hart to be a very special person, and I just could not say no to her. I also needed a reason to put up decorations. I have not decorated for Christmas since moving into this condo.

Renae Skjervheim – “I enjoy going on the Tour of Homes every year just to see all the decorations and its a fun thing to do with all the ladies. It goes to a wonderful organization. I enjoy seeing what other people are doing and decorating. I would like to see it keep going. I enjoy attending them in other cities and just thought I needed to take my turn.

Val Olson – “I am doing the Tour of Homes because it is for a great cause to help raise money for the Arts.”

Mauri Roy – “I was asked by a member of the Tour of Homes committee to be a part of it this year.”

Tammy Bodnar – “Friends talked me into it. My friend suggested I do it and it should be fun.”

Will your home have a theme?

Field – “If my home has a theme, it would be mostly antique and rustic. I am not a “frilly” person at all and prefer the old family home things.”

Skjervheim – “Just about every room will have a different catch on it. Our house is an oldage home. Both my husband and I are retired. The house has rock work that was done by the same man that built the church at Dresden. The fireplace is a focal point in the middle of the house. We have a tree in our three seasons porch that is a John Deere tree. I have a friend that is a gifted decorator and it is partially done already. We have a room that is more towards the grandkids that has teddy bears.

Olson– “Our house will be decorated more contemporary and traditional.”

Roy – “ No theme, you will be able to see my house as is. I haven’t decorated any differently then I would any other year.”

Bodnar – “It’s going to be basically: Santa Claus, Snowmen, and silver – more of the traditional Christmas setting.”

What can participants on the tour expect to see at your home?

Field – My husband and I had our country home on the tour years ago and I hope visitors leave with the same feeling this time. That is that they find our home as we intended, warm, cozy and welcoming. A bit full and busy but cozy.

Skjervheim – “We love to entertain and we love to have company so we like to think of our home as welcoming.”

Roy – “I’m a traditionalist. I like cozy and warm so my home will definitely reflect that. My home is not at all like my shop.”

Bodnar – Mix of modern and antique. A very family friendly home. Nothing too over the top. Just the traditional. The house itself is a mix between modern and family antiques. I have grandkids over all the time, so nothing to oover the top.

Is there anything else you would like to add that hasn’t been asked?

Field – “Just a note on family pieces. All the old pieces are family items handed down. They are very much a part of my family and my husband’s family. When I sold my big house after my husband passed, I had to downsize considerably to “fit” into the condo which has no basement. I didn’t have storage nor did I want to hide my special family pieces that had been displayed in the family room. So I chose to decorate with them.  Certainly not a modern way to decorate these days, but it sure makes it feel like home. I am setting my table with French Haviland China dishes that were handed down.  They date to 1900 and are hand painted. So fun to have them.”

Skjervheim – “I look forward to many people coming to see my home and welcoming them. Since working at the phone company I love seeing and visiting people. I hope people go to the brunch in the morning and that it’s a nice day.”

Olson – “Our house was built in 1988. It has a contemporary open concept  We added a family room to our kitchen area in 2007.”

Roy – “Joanne (Field) and I are neighbors in our condos, but our layouts and decorations will be very different. We will have a real Christmas tree and be serving apple cider and bars. Guests will view our home while listening to Christmas music.”

Bodnar – “My home is new, and as a new home there are still memories to be made. It’s a house that we have to build the coziness into it.”

Kick off your holiday season with the festive 2015 Langdon Area Christmas Tour of Homes. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets in advance for a chance to win a door prize.