Langdon City and County Commissions hold joint meeting

The Langdon City Commission and the Cavalier County Commission met during the regularly scheduled city commission meeting on November 23 to discuss the issue of reassessment and the course of action the City of Langdon will take.


Posted on 11/28/15

By Melissa Anderson

The city commission had Mel Carsen, who was the Langdon City Assessor, and Jerry Ratzlaff, who is going to be taking over the assessor duties, present. County Commissioners Rick Ring, Stanley Dick, and Tom Borgen were present along with Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz and Auditor Lisa Gellner.

The extensive discussion covered what would occur until the Vanguard reassessment takes place in 2018. The two commissions and officials came to the decision that Jerry Ratzlaff will work with Mel Carsen to learn the assessing program that Carsen has been using to assess and will continue to use that program to keep up to date with new construction and building permits.

The Vanguard assessing program will be used in conjunction as a means to check the figures and also keep the county information up-to-date. With that decision made, the city moved into regular business.

The commission discussed the information regarding the railroad property that is up for bid. City Attorney Quentin Wenzel explained that with the deadline for a bid being December 5, the city was not likely to hear from residents in time. Wenzel advised the city that a bid would not be out of line based on interest that has already been expressed by residents this would affect. The commission agreed and will be placing a bid on the stretch of railroad property that amounts to six acres.

The commission discussed the six applications for the vacant city auditor position and decided that each commissioner would pick their top three candidates to interview and begin interviews next week.

In Other Business

• During Department Reports, Judy Lill, Director for the Activity Center, informed the commission that the gym at the Activity Center will only be available for walking activity due to two back to back weddings that are sharing decorations. The gym will not be available for open gym from November 24 until December 6.

• After further review following the request made at last meeting for a cost share of water  and sewer tie in submitted by Josh Plummer for his Splash N Dash Car business, the city stood by their initial decision based on the city ordinance of denying it.

• The commission approved a fireworks permit for the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce for the upcoming Parade of Lights.

• The commission approved a catering permit for At the Hop.