Cavalier County Commissioners Meeting

The Cavalier County Commission met on December 1 with a  full agenda. 


Posted on 12/5/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commission discussed the upcoming road projects for  summer 2016 with Terry Johnston, Road Supervisor. Johnston gave updates for roads that were going to be finished this year and discussion turned to the fact that state funding for road projects is likely to decrease substantially in the coming years.

Commissioner Nick Moser gave the rest of the commission an update for the Human Resources Committee. Moser informed the commission that the committee had interviewed and selected a candidate to hire. The committee chose Angela Butts of Langdon to become the Human Resources officer for Cavalier County pending the approval of the contract.

The commission appointed board members to the Cavalier County Water Board and Weed Board. The commission appointed Bob Lakin and Kenny Nelson to the water board. Rob Gilseth was appointed to the Weed Board. The weed board also had their board member compensation rates raised from $40 per meeting to $80.

The soils committee had no letters of interest for the two open positions. The previous members did not voice any interest in continuing to serve on it. Commissioners Stanley Dick and Rick Ring will seek out potential candidates that reside in the western side of the county for the positions.

The commission recessed from their regular meeting and held an abatement hearing for Tom Valentine’s property in South Dresden Township. Following extensive discussion and presentation of evidence from Valentine and the Dresden Township, the commission approved the soil type abatement for both 2013 and 2014 but denied the right of way abatement for both those years.

In Other Business

• The commission met with the road men of Cavalier County. The commission asked the road men to continue to watch for issues and possible future issues while working the roads of Cavalier County.

• The Langdon City Commission along with interim City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth and new Langdon City Assessor Jerry Ratzlaff were present to review the software contract for Vanguard. It was agreed to and signed by the county.