Giving Tree changes locations; check out Langdon’s General Store

The “Giving Tree”, previously located at the Langdon Motor Inn, has moved to a new, more convenient location at Langdon’s General Store.

Giving Tree

Posted on 12/5/15

By Melissa Anderson

The change in location was done for a couple reasons according to Langdon’s General Store Manager Marie Mack

“Langdon’s General Store has greater traffic than the Langdon Motor Inn, especially this time of year, so there would be increased traffic past the tree,” Mack said.

The change was also done as a means of making the process of selecting a tag/filling the needs/wants and returning the gift as easy and convenient as possible for those donating.

“The change will hopefully lead to a greater participation both in donating and people placing themselves on the tree,” Mack said.

Another change to the “Giving Tree” is when the presents all need to be in to the Tree. The due date has been moved to an earlier time from previous years to December 14.

“We were asked by recipient families and entities that work hand-in-hand with us on this project to please push the date ahead to Dec. 14 to allow extra time so it isn’t such a rush to get the gifts sorted and distributed,” Mack explained.

The goal of this community project is to bring Christmas cheer to those who might not otherwise receive a gift this year. Last year, our generous community donated over 200 gifts that were delivered to Cavalier County Social Services, Langdon Area Elementary School, Langdon Area High School, and Maple Manor.

“We are hoping to help as many families as possible again this Christmas,” Mack said.

The “Giving Tree” is currently up and ready to accept names and families now. All gifts will need to be returned, wrapped or unwrapped with their “Giving Tree” tags attached, to Langdon General Store. The gifts will then be delivered to the recipients between the dates of December 15-25.

“The “Giving Tree” is a great opportunity to support children and families who are in need in our own local community,” Mack said, “The response and generosity from the Langdon and surrounding communities last year was so great. We are very appreciative of your help making Christmas brighter for those who need it.”

If you would like to put your family or kids as recipients of gifts from this year’s “Giving Tree” you can do one of the following:

Contact your school’s counselor, Vanessa Chaput at 701-306-9334 or Alex Chaput 701-370-9849. Contact Marie or Bill Mack at 701-256-3868 at Langdon’s General Store or drop by and speak to them in person.

“Thank you very much in advance for your help this Christmas Season!” Mack stated.