Langdon City Commission meeting held on December 14

The Langdon City Commission held their first meeting for the month of December. 


Posted on 12/19/15

By Melissa Anderson

The short meeting consisted of routine business as well as updates to previous business.

The commission received an update on the railroad property bid that was submitted following the previous meeting. A bid of $4,800 was submitted by the City of Langdon to purchase the stretch of land owned by BNSF from 9th Avenue to 105th Street. One of the factors that contributed to the bid was that this land would provide access to the water tower.

The commission approved the following establishments for liquor licenses for the 2016 year: Regal Liquors, Country Inn, Cobblestone Inn, Sporty’s, Tom’s Lounge, The Bottle Barn, Stables, and the Eagle’s Club.

During the review of the building permits Gary Bimler, the Langdon City Building Inspector, informed the commission of a few city ordinance violations he had found and informed Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel so that proceedings could begin.  Bimler also informed the commission that he had been approached by an individual looking to build residential units. The individual would need to have the set back limit for the alley access reduced for the area in question that they are wanting to build. The commission agreed that this could be done when the permit is applied for.

In Other Business

• Sanitation Supervisor Tom Beauchamp informed the commission that he would be renewing and updating the permit to run the city transfer station. This takes place every 10 years, and the new requirements to run a transfer station are quite extensive.

• Chuck Downs informed the  commission that following the State Water Commission Meeting held on December 11, Gordon Johnson, General Manager of Northeast Regional Water District, would like to meet with the commission to give an update on what occurred.

• Commissioner Lawrence Henry and Langdon Activity Center Director Judy Lill will be revising the contract for renting the center for wedding receptions following several incidents of damage occurring during receptions. Henry and Lill also suggested installing infrared cameras in the upstairs workout space as an additional security measure.