Cavalier County Courthouse hires an HR Officer

The Cavalier County Courthouse will have a new face walking the halls in the new year.

Angela  Plummer

Posted on 12/26/15

By Melissa Anderson

Angela Butts takes on the duties of the Human Resources (HR) Officer beginning January 1, 2016. The Cavalier County Commission and Butts signed her contract for services at the last commission meeting.

“She is not considered a county employee and receives none of the county employee benefits,” Lisa Gellner, Cavalier County Auditor, said.

Butts is originally from San Antonio, Texas. Butts traveled to Langdon when her fiance was transferred for his job.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Business from Texas State University,” Butts said.

With her degree in business and experience, Butts knows how important it is to have a good HR policy and also have that neutral party to assist when needed.

“I’ve held a lot of jobs, some better than others. The way employees are treated by their employer and the way employees feel about their employer impacts a lot of a functional workplace,” Butts said.

“Getting to positively affect that workflow and make it better is important to me,” Butts continued.

In the newly created position at the courthouse, Butts will work 100 hours setting up her office, reviewing and updating personnel files, and creating a grievance policy for the county.

“I will be creating and implementing HR policies that don’t currently exist and then acting as the Human Resources representative,” Butts said.

Butts’s routine duties once she has reached those contracted 100 hours will be more mundane. Butts will be in her office at the courthouse one day a week reviewing overtime pay, helping with annual reviews for employees, and creating job descriptions for the county positions.

Butts will also be attending department head meetings, working with the employees for workforce safety, and helping with open enrollment for insurance benefits. Butts will be doing team and leadership building activities with staff to improve communication and working relationships.

When the need arises, Butts will help with advertising for job positions, reviewing applications and assisting with interviews. Butts will interpret human resource policy and when employees leave their positions, conduct exit interviews.

“I’m hoping it will be challenging and rewarding,” Butts said.

The HR position within the courthouse came about after the state audit was conducted earlier and the question was raised on who conducts non voted in department head reviews. The other aspect that warranted the position was the need for a grievance policy and someone to be a neutral third party. Cavalier County States Attorney Scott Stewart was filling in those positions as needed, but Stewart felt that there needed to be a person do this.

“We needed a neutral party that employees can go to when there is an issue,” Gellner said.