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Season’s Greetings from Willyville


Posted on 1/2/16

By Jake Kulland

We come to you this week from snowy Williston.  I am out here taking care of things for a couple of days, while my Dad, “Big Poppa”, is overseas for a few months this winter.  And even though oil prices are way down (Much to my chagrin), things are still building here at an incredible pace.  Even though the need is way, way down, apartment buildings are still going up all over the place, and a brand new Holiday gas station along with two new motels (2!), are going up just down the road from the Ponderosa, on the former property where the Lake Park Drive-In theatre used to be (Lots of great memories I have about Lake Park, but none I can put in print).  People here are still fairly confident that oil prices will recover sometime in the new year, and the continuing construction, which also includes a brand new Williston High School, is going strong.  Folks here are trying to get out of being a boomtown, and they want to see their latest progress turn into a city that will have a consistent population.  We will see.

Nervous breakdown season is here

We are into 2016 as you read this, and that brings the busiest time of the year for yours truly.  January means that activities are hot and heavy in all winter sports, and myself and Ryan Bachman will be trying to keep up with everything going on through the Republican and KNDK Sports.  It is a challenge as always, but we feel we are up to it, and look forward to covering the many events that will be happening, and thankfully the weather is cooperating thus far.  The New Year also means it’s time for our annual resolutions, and this year we have many that are going to attempt to do, for how long, only time will tell.  We hope your resolutions will bring you all the best in 2016 and beyond.

The Drive for 5 is here

Jan. 9 is the date for the NDSU Bison going for a record fifth straight FCS College Football Championship.  The game against Jacksonville State, will be at 11:00 a.m. that day.  The early time is all driven by ESPN, as they are the main reason for the early kickoff, to make sure they fit it into their broadcast schedule.  The Bison may just have their stiffest challenge in any of their title games against the Gamecocks.  They just missed beating Auburn from the SEC (In a game they thought they deserved to win), and put 62 points on Sam Houston State to get to the title game, albeit Sam Houston gifted them four turnovers.  But NDSU seems to be playing their best at the perfect time, and their underclassmen are playing at a high level already.  Here’s hoping for another trophy for Title Town, and an unbelievable record set.

Vikings. Playoffs. Got to like the sound of that

Our Minnesota Vikings also seem to be playing their best football at the perfect time of the year.  The Vikes took it to the New York Giants 49-17 on Dec. 27 on a frigid night at TCF Stadium.  The Vikings are as healthy as they have been all season as they travel to Green Bay for a regular season showdown to see who wins the NFC North division.  No matter what happens there, the best part of all of this is that the Vikes are in the playoffs for the first time since 2012.  The way the season has gone, where it seems anyone can beat anyone in a given game, just getting into The Dance is exciting.  Coach Mike Zimmer says we still have a long way to go to get where he wants the team to be, but getting into the postseason is most certainly a start, and a good one at that.  Skol!

RIP Chuck Lang

We will leave you this week with some sad news to report.  Chuck Lang from Harvey passed away after a rough battle with cancer on Dec. 22.  Many of you may not recognize the name, but many at the Langdon Eagles Club do. Chuck was recently installed as the Grand Worthy President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 2015.  That means he was President of all the of Eagles Aeries in the United States and Canada. Quite an honor, and folks may not know this, but Chuck was also a member of Langdon Aerie 3454 (It was a dual membership with Harvey).  Back when we were on the board of the Langdon Eagles Club (which we are no longer, despite popular belief), Chuck visited the club and the town many times.  He always told us one of his favorite Eagles duties was to come to Langdon and visit and socialize with his friends on the board and with the members.  Chuck was known around the world as an auctioneer, and he left us too young, at just age 63.  Most of all he was just a great person, the kind we all strive to be.  Condolences go out to Chuck’s wife and two children, and his family and friends.  I and everyone at the Langdon Eagles are proud to have known him.

“Happy New Year!”, and “See ya!” next week!