Langdon City Commission hires new deputy auditor

The Langdon City Commission held their final meeting of 2015 and hired a new deputy auditor.


Posted on 1/2/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission discussed the interviews that were conducted previous to the meeting held on December 28. Two candidates were interviewed for the position and both were very capable. The commission did not reveal names during discussion but stated that one candidate out shown the other in attitude and experience.

The candidate, Kensie Eisenzimmer of Devils Lake, was offered the position the following day which she accepted.

Commissioner Marty Tetrault gave a report from the State Water Commission meeting that he attended earlier in December. Tetrault stated that the project proposed by Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) has received the initial funding to begin the legwork of engineering. Tetrault went on to explain that it appears that the 75 percent grant funding for the project is all but guaranteed for the project should the city and NRWD agree to the joint project.

Tetrault went on to state that in private talks he had with Governor Jack Dalrymple, the advice given to him was to get on board with NRWD as soon as possible and “get the ball rolling” so the funding can be guaranteed.

Tetrault stated the State Water Commission seemed very receptive  and supportive of the joint water project between the city and NRWD.

Tetrault addressed the issue with the buy in by stating that the State Water Commission by-laws don’t cover grant funding for buy-ins. This issue will be reviewed by a committee  and possible changes to the by laws to allow grant funding to be used for buy ins may be made. This will be discussed further at the next State Water Commission meeting in February.

Overall, Tetrault advised his fellow commissioners that the city needs to make a decision on which  project they want to pursue within the next month or so.

“If we do want to go with NRWD we need to get on board as soon as we can,” Tetrault said.

In Other Business

• Langdon City Auditor Roxanne Hoffarth informed the commission during her report that all Langdon City Departments now are equipped with computers.

• The commission approved Langdon’s General Store’s application to sell fireworks.