2015 Year in Review: April-June

Here is the second of four reviews of the top news stories from 2015.


Posted on 1/9/16

By Melissa Anderson

April– The first issue of April saw the continuation of discussion regarding the course of action the City of Langdon should take in regards to a water project. Moore Engineering and Northeast Rural Water District each presented their ideas and numbers to the community and further discussed the projects trying to clarify and answer questions the public had.

Langdon Floral hosted its first floral arranging class.

Dawson Schefter was appointed to the first North Dakota Student Cabinet under the direction of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler.

The entire state of North Dakota was under a burn ban for most of April and well into May. Area fire crews asked that residents respect the fire ban, and Cavalier County Emergency Manager Karen Kempert stressed the dangers fighting fires in the conditions were for the volunteer fire crews.

The Langdon Dance Studio held a year-end dance recital for the students.

Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz informed the Langdon City Commission that by not holding their equalization meeting on the state mandated date they were in violation of state century code. Lafrenz also raised concerns about inconsistent residential assessment practices and dramatic increases.

The fifth and final Team Scrappy run was held on April 25 of 2015. The event had a great turnout and organizers released 51 balloons in honor of David “Scrappy” Fields.

May– Mauri Roy, owner of The Perfect Blend, competed in the Boston Marathon. Roy was able to finish the marathon despite a knee injury just a few weeks before the event almost sidelined her from the race.

As the school year came to a close, St. Alphonsus School shared the benefits the school saw over the year from having a new technology program.

The Cavalier County Commission reviewed the City of Langdon assessments for 2015 with then Langdon City Assessor Mel Carsen and Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader. The commission met with the two individuals after concerns were raised about the city’s assessment practices.

The Langdon City Commission attempted to hold an informational meeting regarding the 2015 residential assessments for the City of Langdon but soon found themselves in hot water with many angry residents. The commission had Mel Carsen and Langdon City Attorney Cameron Sillers address the crowd.

Dr. Ken Carwile purchased Dr. Dave Blanchard’s chiropractic practice.

The Langdon Area High School HOSA group created a drinking and driving video the caused quite a stir during filming and in the community once it was released.

The Little Star Theater in Milton formed a new board to manage the theatre after the previous board disbanded.

June– The third graders of Langdon Area Elementary School made friends for life with residents of the Maple Manor Care Center as part of the Art for Life grant received by the Northern Lights Art Council.

The Cavalier County Commission tried to rectify as many residential assessments for City of Langdon residents within the parameters that the commission set forth prior to the county equalization meeting held on June 2. Many residents were unable to have their assessments corrected, and some were able to have corrections made.

June took a scary turn for dog owners, as a puppy from the area contracted a deadly disease called the Parvo virus. The owners believed the puppy either contracted it at Mt. Carmel Dam or an old farmyard they had recently visited. The puppy made a full recovery.

The Cavalier County Job Development Authority raised awareness for the Brownfields program they were pursing as a means to develop county and city properties.

D & B Motors moved their annual Show and Shine Car Show to main street of Langdon and also expanded the show to include all Chevrolet models, not just Corvettes.

The First Baptist Church welcomed a new pastor, Kent Pletcher, and his family to the community.

A new book club was created and held their first meeting on June 24. The club was started by Tati Davis, owner of Langdon Floral.

Lafrenz Fireworks celebrated 30 years in business this year.

The Osnabrock Farmers Co-op Elevator in Nekoma expanded to provide more storage to area producers.

The Langdon City Commission discussed ways to they could address the displeasure over the residential assessments.