Nekoma Rural Fire Department holds 3rd coyote hunt

The Nekoma Volunteer Rural Fire Department is hosting their Third Annual Coyote Hunt and raffle on Saturday, January 30.


Posted on 1/9/16

By Melissa Anderson

The event provides much needed funds for the department to continue to get necessary equipment and upgrades.

“We started it to be a fundraiser to update gear and equipment in the department,” Kyle Moen, a member of the coyote hunt/raffle committee, said.

The first two hunts and raffles raised over $6,000 that was put towards much needed equipment that the department needed.

“We have bought SCBA air tanks, turn out gear, gloves, masks, helmets, and flashlights,” Moen said, “If I remember right-one complete SCBA unit is $3000 to $4,000, and I believe a  turn out suit is around $3,000.”

The first year the hunt was held there was approximately 12 teams and last year  saw 17 teams take the field. For this year’s hunt, the Nekoma Volunteer Rural Fire Department is hoping the number of teams and raffle tickets sold continue to rise.

“We hope the numbers keep going up,” Moen said.

The hunt begins bright and early on Saturday, January 30 with a free-will offering breakfast starting at 5:30 a.m. at the Pain Reliever in Nekoma. The breakfast is open to not only the hunters but to the public in general.

Registration is $60 for the two person teams. Of that $60 registration fee, $20 goes to the Nekoma Volunteer Rural Fire Department and $40 goes towards the purse. Registration for the hunt begins at 6 a.m. at the fire hall office in Nekoma.

“The hunting area is state wide but hunters must be back for count and weight of coyotes by 8 p.m. in Nekoma,” Moen said.

For the hunt, the hunters need a current ND hunting  license and furbearers license to enter the hunt. Once the teams get their hunt kit, the hunting starts. It should be noted that participants are not allowed to use snowmobiles or ATVs on the hunt.

“We hope for nice weather for the hunt. We want all the people to enjoy and be safe hunting,” Moen said.

The hunt closes at 8 p.m. and the hunters must bring in their coyotes to be weighed. The first place winner receives 50 percent of the pot, second receives 30 percent and third place receives 20 percent.

There is optional buy-ins of $5 for biggest/smallest coyote and most rabbits. The optional buy-in for the biggest/smallest and rabbit is separate from the main purse. This side competition goes by weight of the coyote or rabbits.

“It’s 100 percent pay back,” Moen said of the side competition.

The animals taken over the course of the hunt do not go to waste. The pelts of the coyotes and  any rabbits that are gotten will be sold.

“The hides are kept by the department and sold for profit as well,” Moen said.

If going hunting for coyotes and rabbits doesn’t interest you, there is another way to support the Nekoma Volunteer Rural Fire Department. There are raffle tickets for sale for $20. The tickets, which only number in the hundreds, are available at various locations in Langdon or can be purchased from members of the Nekoma Volunteer Rural Fire Department.

“They can also be purchased at the Nekoma Pain Reliever,” Moen said.

The raffle is separate from the hunt, and those holders of tickets need not be present to win. The drawing will be around  the close of the actual hunt and then the six winners will be notified.

The prizes for this year’s raffle are varied, ranging from hunting gear to things more suited for the home. The prizes are a 204 Savage rifle with scope as the grand prize, second prize is a 48 inch smart TV, third prize is a $250 meat bundle from Langdon Locker, fourth prize is a $200 gift card to Victoria’s Secret, fifth prize is binoculars valued at $150 and the final prize is $100 cash.

“We only had three prizes last year and people asked that we have less hunting things as prizes,” Moen explained.

This fundraiser is very important to the Nekoma Fire Department as they no longer will be doing the summer 4×4 mud run.

“It took a week to set it up during summer but too many people said it was too much work,” Moen said, “for the actual money we were able to raise, it was nothing great.”

Now, as fundraising options are limited, the coyote hunt provides a means of funds for the rural fire department.

“We started the hunt for winter funds. The hunt is good, but the raffle makes the most profit,” Moen stated.

As the coyote population is on the rise in North Dakota, residents in the area are invited to partake in the Nekoma Volunteer Rural Fire Department’s Third Annual Coyote hunt.

Hunting licenses for furbearers can be purchased online from the North Dakota Game and Fish.