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What?  I won what?  Are you sure you have the right number?


Posted on 1/16/15

By Jake Kulland

We start this weekend with some crazy news about ourselves.  I got a call last week from a gentleman from North Carolina, from the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, who told me some surreal news. He said I got voted in and named 2016 North Dakota Sportcaster of the Year.  How will is that?  After asking him if this was a prank call, and who put him up to this, I found out it is indeed true.  Now, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the honor, I most certainly do, but I never ever though this would happen to me. As we all know, we are not in the biggest radio market up here in the Tundra, so getting any kind of state award is awfully remote when you have stiff competition from the Fargos, Grand Forks and Bismarcks of the world, among many others.  So I case that is what makes the award so special.  I will make some bigger formal thank yous next week, but I just wanted to thanks at this time to all the many people who have sent me congratulations in the form of calls, texts, social media posts, cards, balloons and more.  You are all special to me, and thank you to you all.  It’s been overwhelming in a very, very good way.

The Vikings playoff adventures and misery continue

That good news of a state award offset another crushing Minnesota Vikings loss on the playoffs.  This time around is was a late missed chip shot field goal by former All-Pro kicker Blair Walsh that did us in losing to the Seahawks 10-9.  Most of us Vikes fans have been through this before in some shape or form, many, many times.  Did we expect to lose?  Not really, but the specter of playoffs past certainly haunted us once again.  And while it’s another brutal playoff loss that will sting us fans for awhile, it also reminds us that it’s losses like these that make us Vikings fans the most devoted in the NFL, and also it’s most passionate.  And I do like our future, despite being beaten down repeatedly by fans of others teams the past week.  The Hail Mary, the Gary Anderson kick, 12 men in the huddle, all make me love the Vikes even more, even after another chapter of playoff shockers has been added.   Skol!

Bison go 5 for 5

We will leave you by saying congratulations to the NDSU Bison on winning their record setting fifth straight FCS College Football Championship in very convincing fashion.  And the “6-Pack” or “Sixon” thoughts have already started for next year.  Carson Wentz made a triumphant comeback to the time (How cool was it, when he ran in a touchdown that ESPN announcers said, “Can you hear that as he ran in… Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!!) to really up his prospects on being an NFL first round draft pick.  Just more great times for the Green and Gold, and the train should keep on rolling next season.

“See ya!”  next week!