Langdon Area School District Board held meeting on Jan. 11

The Langdon Area School District Board members held their monthly meeting on Monday, January 11 and swore in new board member Nicole Koons.


Posted on 1/16/15

By Melissa Anderson

Koons replaces Lane Christianson, who resigned to continue his coaching.

The board then reviewed the school calendar for the 2016-2017 school year that Superintendent Mark Mindt presented. The calendar was created using the dates of training the teachers attend for professional development and input from the teachers. Mindt explained that the calendar that was created is very similar to the 2015-2016  calendar and falls in line with area schools.

The board had two presentations given to them by staff. Jennifer Romfo gave an update on the AdvancEd program the school started this year. LAS underwent a review and are currently in the process of gaining full accreditation.  The school has implemented numerous facets of the program into the school curriculum and have seen significant improvement. Romfo stated that there are a few suggestions that were made during the review to make the program even better. This included having a written curriculum for current teachers and new teachers to follow and revising the vision and mission statements for 21st century learners. The board agreed and also decided to add Hiltner  to the AdvancEd committee.

Jayla Askvig presented the plan that she has for the LAS tech program. Askvig, with assistance from the administration and Missy Hiltner, applied for a Build Grant which she was awarded. The Langdon Area School Foundation agreed to match the grant and Askvig will be getting new Ipads and a cart for the high school to use. With the new tech equipment, Askvig requested that the school agree to purchase Mobile Device Management(MDM) software as well. The software would cost $2,500 for three years and allow Askvig to update, install, and provide tech support faster and easier. The board stated that they would have to look into the budget and determine if there were available funds for the purchase and would have an answer for her at the next meeting.

Warren Jonasson, President of the School Board, informed the board that a negotiations seminar would be taking place in early February in Bismarck. Jonasson stated that anyone who was interested should attend and if they would like to go to inform Business Manager Terian Chaput.

The board also review committee assignments. Jonasson gave his suggestions for the committee organizations. The renewed curriculum committee had technology also added to the duties and will be composed of Nicole Koons and Tiffany Hetletved. Koons was also placed on the transportation committee along with Dave Hart and Hetletved. The building committee is composed of Jonasson, Chris Olson, and Cregg Stein.

In Other Business

• During his administrative report, Mindt was asked the situation with the charter bus that the school was supposed to have received in September for events. Mindt responded that the supplier has informed him it should be here soon. The board requested that Mindt pressure the supplier as to why the school has not received the  bus.

• The board approved security pledges at various banks.

• The activities committee gave a report on their recent meeting. The committee discussed creating guidelines for unruly parent spectators at games. Should a parent spectator be deemed unruly at a game, the parent would have to undergo a parent spectator online course before being allowed to return to games.

The committee also worked on fundraising guidelines. Fundraisers must have a purpose and be approved by the administration prior to anything being done with the fundraiser.