Glitz and Glam Beauty Bar installs sauna

Glitz and Glam Beauty Bar is expanding its service to offer the Langdon Area the opportunity to utilize the benefits that an infrared sauna can provide.

Glitz & Glam

Posted on 1/23/16

By Melissa Anderson

“I wanted to provide a quality service to the community that isn’t offered anywhere else in the area,” Barbara Crockett, owner of Glitz and Glam Beauty Bar said.

The sauna has infrared panels that heat the sauna and are controlled by both a remote inside and a control panel outside. The panels create the same kind of heat as the sun without the harmful UV rays. This type of sauna heats the body without heating the external environment. This creates a penetrating heat that goes deep into the tissue and pushes out the toxins.

“It is a more balanced heat and not as stifling hot as the traditional wet saunas,” Crockett said.

An infrared sauna can provide many benefits to those who use it. The benefits of this type of sauna include detoxification, anti-aging and skin purification, pain relief, relaxation, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, and, with continued use studies have shown ,weight loss.

The sauna that Crockett installed  is in a private room in the basement, making it very quiet and relaxing. Crockett notes that the sauna also has room for up to three people.

“I’m setting it up so that people can go privately or with someone else,” Crockett said.

The sauna is just one of many services  Crockett offers her clients. She is also looking to expand the services that she offers.

“I have a small room that would be perfect for a massage therapist or an esthetician,” Crockett stated.

The massage therapy would go hand in hand with the sauna, allowing clients a complete spa experience.

“I’m still looking for a massage therapist or esthetician though,” Crockett said.

The esthetician, a professional who specializes in make-up and skin care, is still a possibility that Crockett is looking into.

Glitz and Glam Beauty Bar offers a wide variety of services beyond hair and nails. There is also airbrush tanning, airbrush make-up, exclusive make-up and skin care lines as well as women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

To schedule your appointment for the sauna, nails, hair, make-up, or tan give Glitz and Glam Beauty Bar a call at 256-2040 or stop in.