Splash-N-Dash Car Wash now open

The cars in the Langdon area are going to be a lot cleaner as Splash-N-Dash Car Wash, owned and operated by Josh Plummer, officially opened on February 1 and has been busy ever since.

Splash & Dash carwash

Posted on 2/6/16

By Melissa Anderson

“I wanted to provide another service in town,” Plummer said, ”Listening to everybody in town saying they wanted a touchlesss car wash in town.”

Plummer installed one of the newest models for touchless car washes called a Laser Wash 360.
“I did some research and they seemed to be a pretty good outfit,” Plummer said.

The driver simply drives in their vehicle until the sign tells them to stop and then the vehicle remains stationary for the duration of the wash and dry. The wash services include oscillating high pressure, 3X colored foam, and super sealant followed by the Flash Dry system. The entire process takes under 10 minutes for drivers to have a spotless and shiny vehicle without the long drive to a bigger city.

“This is the only true touchless, fully automatic car wash in our area,” Plummer stated.

Besides the obvious perks of having a top of the line car wash system for customers, the Laser Wash 360 has an additional benefit for Plummer.

“I don’t have to be there. I can check it over on my phone,” Plummer said, “It will send me alerts if there is a problem with the machine.”

The ease of use for the car wash doesn’t stop at just the customer entrance and ownership either. Customers will notice how easy it is to simply pull up to the car wash and purchase the wash of their choice.

“People can just pull up and stick their money in and follow the guides on the machine,” Plummer stated.

The car wash is open 24 hours a day. However, the minimum temperature for the car wash to operate must be 0 or above. The reason for this is to protect the machine and interior of the car wash bay from freezing as well as insure the safety of customers as the doors could potentially freeze shut.

“I would like to keep it open as much as possible but that will depend on the weather,” Plummer said.

Plummer has set the prices for a car wash ranging from the basic wash soap and dry for $8 to the entire package for $15.

“As you go up you get more done to the vehicle such as the wax, undercarriage, etc.,” Plummer stated.

Plummer has plans for possible future specials but for right now is focusing on making sure it works appropriately and that any problems that pop up are taken care of. Plummer is also considering offering gift certificates as well in the future.

“I’m considering having specials, but right now it’s just getting it going and seeing what the demands are,” Plummer explained.

The pay station located at the entrance to the car wash accepts cash or debit/credit cards.

If you would like to get a gift certificate or have any questions., please call Josh Plummer at 701-370-6232.