Cavalier County Senior Meals gets improvements

The Cavalier County Senior Meals program has a lot to celebrate this month. 

senior center

Posted on 2/13/16

By Melissa Anderson

After many donations, the service was able to install a new range and convection oven in the kitchen of the Langdon Senior Center.  The old oven and range were in desperate need of being replaced.
“They were worn out, parts were obsolete, and no longer able to be repaired if they broke down,” Karrie Mikkelsen, Director of Cavalier County Senior Meals & Services, explained.

The new kitchen equipment was installed by Culinex of Grand Forks and Jensen’s Heating & Air Conditioning completed the installation.  Cavalier County Senior Meals is looking forward to having the new equipment for more than one reason.  With the peace of mind of the new equipment also comes savings.

“The ovens are more efficient than the old ones thus saving time and money,” Mikkelsen stated.

Cavalier County Senior Meals & Services has received almost $25,000 in donations over the past few years making the necessary upgrades to the equipment they use to operate and continue the services they provide possible.

Along with the new equipment, Cavalier County Senior Meals & Services also purchased a 2013 Ford Escape from Christie Motors to use for their meals delivery program and for their grocery delivery services.

“Every Tuesday we deliver groceries to those who can’t get out or have trouble moving to get their own groceries,” Mikkelsen said.

Individuals can call Leevers on Tuesday morning and tell them what they need.  After calling Leevers, individuals should notify Senior Meals to let them know that an order has been placed.  After 1 p.m., a driver will go get the groceries at Leevers, deliver them, collect payment, and take the payment for the groceries back to Leevers.  The cost of this service is $3.00.

Another new service that is being offered is the Take-Out meals option.

“Take-out meals are available to anyone in the community who doesn’t fit the criteria for Title III meals,” Mikkelsen said.

Take-out meals are non-federally funded and the cost of these meals is $8.00.  Title III meals are federally funded and consists of congregate style dining and home- delivered meals for person 60 years of age and older.  The suggested contribution for a Title III meal is $5.50, however, individuals 60 years of age and older can contribute what they feel they can afford.  Individuals under the age of 60 are welcome to eat at the center however must pay $8.00.

To order a Take-Out meal you must call one day in advance and the meal must be picked up between 11:30 and 12:30.  Take-Out meals include the entrée, vegetable, bread, milk, and dessert.

Home-delivered meals are available in Langdon, Monday through Friday between 11:00 a.m. and noon.  Home-delivered meals are delivered in Osnabrock on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday around 11:15 a.m.  Home-delivered meals “must be delivered,” said Mikkelsen.

Congregate meals are open to anyone and are held at the Senior Center in Langdon at 12 p.m., Monday through Friday and at the Senior Center in Milton on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 12 p. m.

“Foot care services are also provided for those over 60 years of age,” Mikkelsen added.

The cost of the service is $15.00. This involves a registered nurse who examines the feet, clips toenails, and removes callouses.  Foot care is held three times a month.  Appointments fill up fast so book an appointment well in advance by calling 256-2828.

“Besides local donations and federal funding, Cavalier County Senior Meals & Services relies on mill levy and state money to fund their services,” said Mikkelsen.

Home-delivered meals are delivered by many community volunteers.  If interested in volunteering your time, please contact Pat Wheeler at 256-2828.