Langdon Area School Board holds monthly meeting for February

The Langdon Area School Board held their monthly meeting on Monday, February 8.


Posted on 2/13/16

By Melissa Anderson

The board had a wide range of topics to discuss.

The meeting opened with two students addressing the board about their concerns of a bus driver who, they stated, had reckless and dangerous driving practices. The two students stated that the bus driver frequently slams on the brakes, does not wear a seat belt, takes too wide of turns, and has driven the bus without having hands on the wheel.

The students went on to state that the bus driver does not enforce bus protocol such as making sure children are seated while the bus is in motion and also has nearly caught several students in the doors of the bus. The students presented photographic evidence as well as a long list of times and locations where the above mentioned occurred on just one bus ride.

The school board asked if the  students had reported this matter to the chain of command before attending and bringing forward their complaint to the board. The students responded they, as well as their parents, had contacted those in the chain prior to the meeting and nothing has changed in the bus driver’s behavior.
The board stated that they are essentially powerless to do anything as they cannot fire the bus driver in question as he is a employed through a contracted service.

The board then heard a report from the Activities Committee. The committee suggested looking into a clay target program as well as a Cardinal Hall of Fame which would be for all areas such as academics and music and not just athletics. The committee also stated that Langdon Elementary Principle Todd Hetler volunteered to coach distance running for the upcoming track season.

The committee informed the rest of the board of their desire to remove a wall in the weight room and place a door in there instead. This would be done for monitoring purposes as the school received cardio equipment that they would like to see used as well. School Board President Warren Jonasson stressed that while the project would be a good idea, there is currently no money in the budget for the endeavor.

The board eventually agreed that the project would be beneficial to the school but, unless it could be completed in one day, would have to wait until the next budget. The board agreed to have a contractor come in and assess the wall in question and get an estimate for the placement of a door.

The Building Committee then gave their report concerning the long-term maintenance plan for the elementary school. The committee stated that the plan is to spend roughly  $100,000 every year until all the large maintenance projects are completed. The committee received input from the elementary teachers and the priority projects that were identified as needing to be addressed were the non-functional clock and bell system, the boys and girls bathrooms, and installing lockers for th 4-6th grades and cubbies for the K-3 grades.

Other projects that would be slated for later included the remodel of storage cabinets in all the classrooms and the installation of an air exchange to keep the air circulating in the school.

The board then fielded a funding request for a club trip. The recently formed FCCLA club would like to send one delegate and an advisor to the national convention in San Diego, CA. The board agreed to pay a third of the cost for the student to go but was faced with the dilemma of funding the advisor.

In the past, the school fully funded the cost of a trip for an advisor, but five years ago the teachers negotiated that out and instead received an increase in pay. The club did not have travel expenses budgeted into their budget, and Business Manager Terian Chaput suggested that future club budgets should have this. Because the board has time to decide on this matter, the request was tabled.

In Other Business
• The board set the school board election date for June 14. The election will take place at the Langdon Area High School on that day from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.
• The board approved an open enrollment application.
• The board approved FMLA for 12 weeks for a teacher’s upcoming maternity leave.