Langdon City Commission holds first reading

The Langdon City Commission during their regularly scheduled meeting held the first reading of the proposed city ordinance 6.0231.


Posted on 2/13/16

By Melissa Anderson

This ordinance would have the city water system joined to Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD)  infrastructure with a water supply from the City of Devils Lake.
Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel drafted that ordinance and presented it to the commission along with a proposed purchase agreement NRWD had drafted. NRWD General Manager Gordon Johnson was present at the meeting and answered questions regarding the proposed purchase agreement.

Johnson went over how the purchase agreement would work as well as questions regarding the ability of NRWD to supply water to the City of Langdon during the peak usage  that occurs during spring when agricultural spraying is occurring. Johnson answered the question by stating that the  city has a constant 300 gallons per minute supply along with a  million gallon reservoir and that in the event of a shortage an additional 100 gallons per minute could be supplied.

Johnson and the commission also went over what would occur in an emergency situation such as the pipeline from Devils Lake suffering damage leaving the city without water for an extended period of time. Johnson explained that in this scenario the reservoir that the city has as well as the additional water treatment plant in Cavalier would be able to hold the city over until the pipeline was fixed.

The commission approved the first reading of proposed city ordinance 6.0231 and went over what they and NRWD would like to do next. The city and NRWD will be scheduling informational meetings for the public to attend in regards to the proposed ordinance as well as the other options that are still available should the residence vote down the ordinance.

The Langdon City Commission and NRWD, after reviewing the time frame for these things to occur, decided that a special election would fall too close to the regular county election held on June 14 to make the expense for the special election justified.

In Other Business
• The city approved the contract for aerial spraying for mosquitoes for 2016. The city needs to have permits in hand should the need for aerial spraying of mosquitoes occur.