Cavalier County Commission Meeting held on Feb. 16

The Cavalier County Commission meeting held on February 16 had a full agenda for the commission to address.


Posted on 2/20/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met with Veterans Services Officer Leon Hiltner and Deputy Auditor Monica Porterfield to discuss Porterfield receiving a salary for duties related to the administration aspect of the Veterans Services van. Porterfield has been helping Hiltner complete the paperwork during her regular Deputy Auditor hours. The proposal was for Porterfield to complete the work during unscheduled time.

The commission agreed to this, and Porterfield will receive a $150 salary from the grant program for the van service for doing the administrative duties related to its running.

The commission met with Cavalier County Job Development Authority Director Shannon Duerr to hear what she had found in regards to grant funding for the proposed remodel and updating of the Cavalier County Courthouse. Duerr found three possible grant programs and presented them to the commission. After discussion, the commission decided to focus on the updating of the public rest rooms in the courthouse and follow the protocol for the bidding process.

The commission then had Human Resources Officer Angela Butts present the grievance policy she had created for the county. Extensive discussion was had on the proposed grievance committee. Butts took the suggestions of the commission regarding the committee and who would be on it and will rework that particular aspect of the policy.

Kenneth Olafson of Milton brought an abatement request to the commission. Olafson presented his case that the City of Milton has no comparable properties to use against his property and that the City of Milton has no infrastructure to make properties in the town desirable. Olafson stated that another reason for his abatement request was the 15 percent increase on residential properties that Cavalier County received with the exception of the City of Langdon residential properties which only received a 5 percent increase.

The assessor for the City of Milton addressed the commission and stated that the property in question was valued at true and full value. Olafson had only brought in vacant commercial properties for a comparison.
The commission denied the abatement request due to insufficient evidence.

In Other Business
• The commission met with Road Supervisor Terry Johnston for updates on funding and preparations for the upcoming gravel road maintenance.
• The commission approved beer and liquor licenses for the Langdon Country Club and the Walhalla Country Club.
• Curtis Olafson introduced himself to the commission. Olafson is running for the Republican endorsement for the vacant District 10 senate seat.