“Lights, Curtain, Broadway: A Musical Revue” set to hit the Roxy stage

The Northern Lights Arts Council, along with the cast of the show, invite you to attend “Lights, Curtain, Broadway: A Musical Revue”.


Posted on 2/20/16

By Melissa Anderson

The show will be performed three times, at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 25 and again on Saturday and Sunday, February 27 and 28 at 3 p.m. each day.

The show will feature some of the most memorable songs that have rang out from the Broadway stage. For those who are unfamiliar with the term revue in regards to theater, it is a show with a collaboration of songs under a general theme.

“So it isn’t necessarily a musical with a story line and characters,” Director Emily Braunberger explained,

“But it will feature songs from Broadway that everyone knows and loves.”

Rehearsals have gone incredibly well according to Braunberger, who has only directed one other production.
“Truly, even better than I could have hoped for,” Braunberger stated.

Directing is a whole new role for the theater lover who is a performer at heart. Braunberger stated that directing “is a tough job with so much that goes into every behind-the-scenes aspect that the performers and audience don’t see.”

What makes the production of “Lights, Curtain, Broadway” a  unique  and special show is that Braunberger essentially created the show from scratch.

Braunberger picked the theme of most memorable songs on Broadway, created the title “Lights ,Curtain, Broadway”, the songs, the cast, who sang what song, and choreographed most of the numbers.

“Directing this revue has been a huge undertaking, and I wanted to produce the absolute best show that I could. I really hope I have done that,” Braunberger stated.

Despite the huge undertaking of directing and creating the show, Braunberger gives a lot of the show’s future success to the efforts of the cast.

“The cast is amazing. They have been patient with me through this learning process,” Braunberger said.
“And even more importantly, they have worked very hard to learn the music and the choreography. The show would not be what it is without all of their hard work and dedication,” Braunberger continued.

The cast is full of community members of all ages: Jason Peterson, Jordan Braunberger, Bryan Hanson, Dan Lamping, Linda Economy, Chelsea McGauvran, Bethany Lowery, Samantha Johnson, Jill Dalzell, Melissa Anderson, Mindi Lill, Deborah Dawley, Katelyn Johnson, Hilari Pletcher, Trevor Wheeler, Dustin Gilseth, Kathryn Brinegar, Lynlee Stuart, Carley Baker, Malori Pletcher, Breana Wagner, Clarice Brinegar, Alex Brinegar, and Naomi Ames.

The cast will be performing songs from popular Broadway musicals such as: Grease, Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma, Annie, The Sound of Music, and The Lion King, just to name a few.

“A lot of the songs people will be familiar with, but there will be some songs that will probably be new to people as well,” Braunberger said.

Audiences may also recognize some songs from musicals that NLAC has put on in the past including Annie and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

For those planning to attend, the show is a medley of fun performances with lots of songs from popular Broadway musicals.

“They can expect a talented cast who have worked incredibly hard to put on a phenomenal show,” Braunberger stated.

“Expect some laughs, maybe a few tears, but mostly, expect a great and fun show. “

After the final bow has been taken and the curtain has closed, Braunberger hopes that people walk away with a little appreciation and a lot of love for Broadway musicals.

“North Dakota is a long way from New York, and the majority of people will never visit New York City in their lifetime and will never experience a Broadway musical,” Braunberger stated.

For some people, seeing a show like “Lights, Curtain, Broadway” on the Roxy stage will be as close as it gets to experiencing a Broadway show. For Braunberger, bringing that little slice of New York City musical theater to the Roxy stage is a great honor

“I hope people will enjoy the songs of the most beloved Broadway musicals and will walk away with a song in their heart and a little dance in their step,” Braunberger said.

Braunberger knows that Broadway musicals may not be for everybody but that you never know what you will like until you give it a try. If nothing else, Braunberger invites everyone to come and enjoy a fun show performed by local community members and produced by the  local arts council. The money raised from the performance will go back to the NLAC.

“It’s important for small communities such as Langdon to support each other in whatever we do,” Braunberger said.

“I promise, if you come see the show, you won’t regret it.”

Discounted pre-sale adult tickets are now available at Choice Financial through Friday, Feb. 26 for $10. Otherwise tickets are available at the door of the Roxy on the day of the show. Adult at-the-door tickets are $12, Students K-12 are $8, and Kids 5 and under are $5.