Cavalier County Commissioners meet with full agenda

The Cavalier County Commission met on Tuesday, March 1 for a regular meeting.


Posted on 3/5/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission had a full agenda.

The commission discussed a correspondence received from Richard Flanders concerning the maintenance of County Road 12 in District 1. The commission will be sending a formal response to the letter informing Flanders of the commission’s plans to address the maintenance needed on the road during the upcoming summer. The commission will also note that all the districts will be treated equally in the attention to road maintenance.

The commission met with Road Supervisor Terry Johnston  and gave final approval for road work plans. The commission reviewed bids and accepted the Mikkelsen Construction which was $88,000 less than the next lowest bid. Johnston informed the commission that KLJ has noted many projects are coming in significantly under engineering estimates as a result of lower oil prices. Johnston suggested that since the costs are down, the county should include additional miles on the chip seal project as an option. The commission agreed.

The commission met with Gary Bimler, present on behalf of Langdon Township, to discuss two bridges that are too narrow for the expanding width of farm machinery. Bimler suggested replacing the bridges with box culverts as a safety measure. The commission agreed with Bimler’s request as it was based on safety concerns. The commission advised Bimler to take the request to the Cavalier County Water Board for review and to get the correct culvert size.

The commission heard presentations from Sanford Air Med and Valley Med Flight regarding the benefits of having a county wide membership for their individual services. The commission asked various questions and had discussion. The commission will make a decision on proposed memberships at their next meeting.

The commission met with Veteran’s Services Officer Leon Hiltner. Hiltner requested that the commission rescind the motion made at the previous meeting to make Cavalier County Deputy Auditor Monica Porterfield the administrator for the veterans services van and be given a salary of $150 per month. Hiltner stated that it was unnecessary and not the responsibility of the commission to make that decision. Hiltner stated that he could pay Porterfield in the form of vouchers just like he does the drivers for the service.

The commission agreed to the request and the motion was rescinded.

In Other Business

• The commission met with Human Resources Officer Angela Butts. Butts presented the revised grievance policy to the commission. The commission suggested minor changes to the wording and also requested that all the department heads in the courthouse be allowed to review the proposed policy prior to the next commission meeting.

• The commission agreed to enter into a contract with the state judiciary to fund theCavalier County Clerk of Court’s office for the next biennium.

• Cavalier County Recorder Vicki Kubat gave the commission an update regarding the digital recording of the platt maps. The North Dakota Association of Surveyors recorded the books with two surveyors employed by Fischer Survey of Langdon completing the work in about a week. The North Dakota Association of Surveyors requested that the county, in lieu of payment, make a donation to their education fund.

• The Cavalier County Auditor’s Office will be closed for one day on March 10 as the staff attends election training in Devils Lake.