Community Spotlight

The Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce has organized a new community project to place welcome banners on the light posts in Langdon along Highway 5 and downtown.

welcome banner

Posted on 3/12/16

By Melissa Anderson

“The banner idea has been in my head for several years.” Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Barb Mehlhoff said.

The North Dakota Department of Commerce – Tourism sent an email out to North Dakota communities asking for pictures of welcome signs to be use to promote North Dakota Tourism.

“I could only find one welcome sign in town,” Mehlhoff stated, “It was on the south end of town on Highway 1 on the Langdon Implement sign, but that sign has been changed since then.”

The $100 and $150 banners will include a pre-selected photo of the Langdon area, words welcoming visitors to Langdon, and the name of the sponsor. The $75 banners will include words welcoming visitors to Langdon and the name of the sponsor.

Some of the images that the organizing committee, comprised of Jennifer Busse, Shannon Duerr and Marie Mack, are considering are representations of Langdon or images that are unique to the area.

“One image that has been discussed is canola. As we all know, Cavalier County is Canola Capital USA,” explained Mehlhoff, who is also on the committee.

The wind turbines located south of Langdon on the wind farm is another image that is a possibility. The committee is collecting photos for review and will get all the details, such as colors, decided shortly.

Once the artwork is approved, the committee will be provided with a sample banner made to one of the measurements to confirm size before the new banners are printed.

“We will have this sample on display when we receive it for the public to view,” Mehlhoff said.

The image accompanying this article is only an example of a banner, not what the actual banners will look like.

The banners are printed on both sides with UV stabilized ink in either digital or screen print. The seams of the banners are sewn for extra durability.

Digital banners are printed on 22 ounce heavy duty vinyl. This printing process allows for unlimited color as well as the use of a photograph. These banners have a three year warranty.

The screen print is printed on 100% marine acrylic 9.5 ounce material. Screen print is used for a simpler design and pricing is based on the number of inks used in a design. These banners have a five year fabric warranty and a three year ink warranty.

“Therefore, the sponsorship will last until the banners need to be replaced three to five years down the road,” Mehlhoff stated.

Sponsorship for the banners is open to any business, organization, or even family. Sponsorship for a banner is limited to just one banner per business and is on a first come first served basis.

“However, if all the sponsorships do not fill up by the deadline, we will open it back up and sponsors can purchase another one if they want,” Mehlhoff stated.

Besides adding color and more visual effects to the existing local flare of Langdon, the banners are a great way to say “Welcome to Langdon”. Mehlhoff also views the banners as a great way to showcase what Langdon has to offer and highlight a few unique local photos. For businesses and organizations, Mehlhoff believes this is another avenue to advertise and promote themselves.

“The banners will hopefully welcome tourists, Canadians, and anyone coming back to Langdon for a visit,” Mehlhoff stated.

There are 37 banners available in the 30×60 size for $150. This size will be located along Highway 5 and the metal poles on 7th and 8th Avenue. There are 48 banners in the 18×39 size which will be located on Main Street of Langdon. It should be noted that the $75 sponsorship banners be taken down during the Holiday Season and the Rod Run to accommodate other banners.

“The banners will be on the highway side of the pole,” Mehlhoff said, “and the downtown banners will be on the sidewalk side of the pole.”

The banners will be flying from the Stables Supper Club and run west on Highway 5 to just passed Cavalier Rural Electric Cooperative. Main Street will have banners stretching from the St. Alphonsus’ park and the Cavalier County Courthouse to Car Clinic and Fischer Land Surveying.

The Lodge and Tax Board of Langdon gave $3,000 to the project for hardware on the 30 foot poles located along Highway 5th and 8th Avenue. The poles located  downtown are already equipped with hardware.

“I have spoken to the City of Langdon and Langdon Street Supervisor Rob Gilseth,” Mehlhoff said, “Rob knows the Department of Transportation restrictions.”

Mehlhoff also spoke to the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department to ensure that none of the banners will interfere with the security cameras along the designated streets.

The sponsorship forms can be picked up at Langdon City Hall during regular office hours. The forms can also be found on the City of Langdon Facebook page. The deadline for the sponsorship forms to be turned in is March 25 at 5 p.m. The forms must include payment. See ad order form on this page.

For more information regarding the welcome banners, please call Barb Mehlhoff at 701-256-3079.