Jake’s take on sports

Spring back, fall ahead… Er, wait a minute here!


Posted on 3/12/16

By Jake Kulland

We start this week by saying we are just starting to enjoy a little more than a weeks worth of early spring weather.  Near 60 degrees for close to five straight days?  We will surely take it.  It also comes at the same time we turn our clocks ahead one hour, which comes early the morning of March 13.  Now, the paper had that a little mixed up last week, but it is indeed ahead one hour in the spring and back one in the fall. I’m you, like me are looking forward to longer days next week.

Highway 1 and Highway 20 are like being in a never ending bouncy house

We have had a lot (and I mean a LOT) of windshield time the last few weeks, traveling to many area winter sports tournaments.  And going back and forth on Highways 1 and 20 have been now fun at all. You almost need to take a good dose of Dramamine before going on them, because they as dippy as I’ve ever seen them.  You know it’s bad when the road crew doesn’t even mark them all because there are so many.  You just see “Bump for the next 5 miles”, and know you’re in for wild ride.  Is because of the culverts?  Was the new pavement a bad mix?  Should we blame fracking?  Who knows for sure, but hopefully the warmer weather will straighten things out.  Until then, do what Mom always used to say, If you’re going to drive on Highway 1 or 20, wait one hour after you’ve eaten.  Just trust me.

Track and Field has their first meet

As we come to the end of the winter sports season, with the State Class B Boys Basketball Tournament being the last winter high school event in Minot March 18-20, spring sports are ready to get going. Track and Field practice has been going on for Langdon-Munich the last couple of weeks with practice, and their first meet happens in the week ahead.  Belcourt will host an indoor meet on March 17, that the Cardinals will participating in.  There is a lot of promise for both the boys and girls teams this year, and we wish them luck in their first competition of the year.  Next week we will put a wrap on winter sports, with lots of shout outs and thank yous.

“See ya!” next week!