Assisted Technology event to be held at Langdon Senior Center

Cavalier County Senior Meals and Services is continuing to provide not only social activities for area seniors but also educational ones.


Posted on 3/19/16

By Melissa Anderson

The Langdon Senior Center will be the location for a presentation regarding Assisted Technology on March 23 at 1 p.m.

The informative presentation will be given by the Interagency Program for Assistive Technology (IPAT). IPAT is a non-profit organization that brings assistive technology (AT) into the lives of all North Dakotans that need it.

“We were designed by the Governor as the implementing entity for the Statewide Assistive Technology Program in 1993,” the organization states.

IPAT’s purpose is to deliver services so all state residents can learn about, try and get the AT devices needed to close the gap between ability and disability.

“This helps seniors so that they can remain in their homes as long as possible with the help of some of the devices,” Karrie Mikkelsen, Director of Cavalier County Senior Meals and Services, said.

For the consultants who give presentations, helping those learn about assistive technology and truly benefit from it is their passion. IPAT and its consultants keep current on the latest advances in the field so that they are better able to connect people to the AT devices or services appropriate to their needs.“We have done it before but it’s been a long time,” Mikkelsen said, “With all the new technology out there we thought it was time to bring someone back to talk about all the new innovations in assistive technology.”

IPAT receives federal dollars through the Assistive Technology Act, state funding as appropriated by the ND State Legislature, and actively seeks other funding sources that fit their mission.

“Some of these AT devices are available for free,” Mikkelsen said, “but there is a charge for other things.”

IPAT is unique in that it is the only program in the state helping people of all ages and ability use AT to do what they want to do, where and when they want to do it.

“We are looked to as the primary AT resource in the state because we have the expertise to consistently provide comprehensive, quality AT services,” the organization said.

Besides giving presentations to groups about AT, IPAT can answer AT question, assess AT needs, and deliver AT training per request. IPAT also has several programs in place to help make AT more available and affordable to residents.

One of the programs that IPAT has to make AT more accessible  to all state residents is IPAT’s equipment rental program. This allows those who need AT devices for short-term use a broad range of AT devices at minimal costs.

“This program is a great option when you need to explore devices before committing resources,” the organization states.

IPAT also has a used AT equipment program called AT4ALL. This program operates as a website where people can list used AT equipment, search for used AT equipment, and place want ads for specific AT equipment.

“This site only allows North Dakota residents to list equipment,” IPAT stated, ”We know there is a demand for and a supply of used AT equipment around the state. AT4ALL connects the two.”

Overall, the website is a comprehensive online database making the exchange of used equipment simpler and more efficient for everyone.

There is much more that IPAT can do for those who are in need of or are interested in learning more about Assistive Technology.

Be sure to attend the IPAT presentation at the Langdon Senior Center to learn more about what IPAT can do for you and possible AT devices. For more information regarding IPAT, AT or the presentation on March 23, please call 701-256-2828.