Langdon Area School Board holds monthly meeting March 14

The Langdon Area School Board held their monthly meeting on Monday, March 14.


Posted on 3/19/16

By Melissa Anderson

The meeting began with the consent agenda being approved and moved on to a short presentation by Langdon Area School Art teacher, Mindi Lill, informing the board of the recently instituted Art Club.

The club has been started on a trial basis with permission from the administration with Lill donating her time with the hopes the club will be formerly started next school. Lill informed the board that the club is doing art journaling, mural painting, and hopes that, once formerly adopted as a school associated club, the students involved will be able to do more activities such as visit an art museum.

The board then heard reports from the athletic and building committees. The athletic committee has been working on the co-op agreement with Munich for athletics but has come across a snag. Board member Dave Hart spoke on behalf of the committee informing the board of the fact that there is no official name for the co-op teams when Langdon is the host school. Hart explained that  during discussion, with not only Munich officials but St. Alphonsus as well, the issue of the official name for the sports teams has become a problem as each school wants to be recognized.

Hart stated that there were really only two options, either the Langdon Area School District board adopt the official name of Langdon Area Cardinals for co-ops where Langdon is the host school or face the likelihood of having a complete name change as has been suggested already.

The board discussed at length the consequences of both options. The athletic committee requested that the board, as a whole, make the decision for the official name so that they would have direction when they return to the co-op negotiations with Munich and any future co-ops that may occur. Hart explained that this official name of Langdon Area Cardinals had nothing to do with any of the current co-ops but was a way of avoiding headaches in the future when negotiating co-op agreements.  The board members agreed and passed making Langdon Area Cardinals the official name for any co-ops where Langdon would be the host school.

The athletic committee also made the board aware that the track was in need of maintenance and would be contacting the company for estimates on those repairs.

The building committee presented their proposals for maintenance to the elementary school. The first item was the installation of 200 lockers in the elementary school. After some discussion on the number of lockers was increased to 212 to compensate for fluctuations in student enrollment.

Next was the update on the repair of the elementary schools clocks and bell system. Currently, there are two companies who are creating estimates for the cost to repair the system.

Finally, the board was presented with two options for new playground equipment. Option one would provide for all new equipment including swings. Option two had new playground equipment with the repair and maintenance of the current swing sets. The board decided to go with option two.

In Other Business

• The board accepted a retirement letter from Debbie Dawley.

• The board approved a quit claim deed for old rural school district property.

• The board agreed to be the fiscal manager for the Edmore Title 1 program.

• The board approved a new mission and vision statement as presented by Langdon Area School District Superintendent Mark Mindt.

• The board agreed to submit a contract for bid for grounds keeping duties. The board suggested that there be two options for the bidding process one option just for mowing and another for lawn mowing and commercial spraying.

• The board changed the next scheduled meeting from April 11 to April 18 due to not having all board members available for that regularly scheduled meeting.