Cavalier County Commission meeting meets with short agenda

The Cavalier County Commission had a short agenda for their recent meeting which lead to a shorter than normal meeting.ccr

Posted on 4/9/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission discussed some citizens’ interest in how the Cavalier County Sheriff Department operates the weighing of loaded semis. Commissioner Rick Ring brought forward the interest in where the department pulls over trucks they believe to be overloaded.

Cavalier County Sheriff David Zies was brought in and explained that the deputies who operate the scales choose semis they believe to be overloaded that are on county roads or have recently come off of a county road. Where the stop actually takes place has no bearing on what the department is trying to accomplish, which is the enforcement of the load restrictions in an effort to maintain and, in some ways, save the roads the county manages.

The commission then met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston and a citizen who was requesting a variance to allow him to plant a row of trees and shrubs along a county road. The row would be 70 feet from the center of the road. After some discussion, the commission approved the request and recommended the citizen also inform the township in which the property lies about the variance request.

Johnston then updated the commission on roadwork and agreements. Johnston stated that load limit maps for the county are available on the county website and at the local elevators for drivers to review and be aware of.

Commissioner Stanley Dick informed the commission that the City of Munich was requesting that the county pay half of the cost for dust control spray on the county road leading into the city by the elevator. Last year, the commission paid the full amount but stopped the coverage 50 feet from the railroad tracks. The City of Munich and residents that live near the road are willing to cover half the cost for the spray.

Dick explained that the spray dust control was extremely satisfactory to the citizens of Munich and that it is a much cheaper alternative to the other long term option of paving that particular stretch of road.

Ring stated that he believes if the county is to do this again that a policy needs to be put in place explaining why and when requests such as this are accepted by the commission. All were in agreement. The issue was tabled until Dick can get an exact cost to the county.

Cavalier County Auditor Lisa Gellner then presented the insurance policy from NDIRF for the commission to review. There was some discussion on what should and should not be covered. The commission wanted a thorough explanation of the details of the insurance policy and requested the issue be tabled until the representative could attend and go over the policy with the commission. Gellner explained that the policy would expire prior to next meeting. The commission instructed Gellner to pay the premium and request a representative at the next meeting.

In Other Business

• The commission heard or received written updates from the following departments: Job Development Authority, Emergency Manager, County Extension Agent, Maintenance and Veterans Services.

• The commission approved a raffle permit for the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital Foundation.

• The commission approved county employees receiving training for CPR and AED during a regular workday afternoon. This training will be available to any employees interested.