Langdon Area School Board meeting held

The Langdon Area School Board held their monthly meeting on Monday, April 18.


Posted on 4/23/16

By Melissa Anderson

Dave Hart gave the Activities Committee report and updated the rest of the board on the ongoing process of the co-op agreements with Munich and St. Alphonsus. Hart stated that the Activities committee is waiting to hear from the North Dakota High School Athletics Association (NDHSAA) about the agreements. Hart does not expect to have word on the Edmore situation until May.

“Nothing is changed if Edmore comes in, but the school has to wait and see what the NDHSAA decides in regards to the co-op,” Hart said.

The negotiations with Munich about co-oping are ongoing, and there is one year left in the current agreement.

Superintendent Mark Mindt gave the Building Committee report. Mindt stated that the new playground equipment and lockers for the elementary school had been ordered  and that the new clock and bell system for the elementary school was also in the process of being  decided.

Mindt stated that altogether, the total cost for the additions and repairs will be about $84,000 which is under the designated $100,000 that the board decided to put towards long-term maintenance.

Additional costs are expected with these projects as bases are needed for the lockers, the installation of the clocks, and additional surfacing for the new playground but were not included in the figures.

The board then discussed the travel reimbursement request for the FBLA advisor, Derek Grahn, and five students to attend the national convention for the group. The cost for the full reimbursement of the teacher/advisor is $2,895 and a third of the cost for each student totals $3,325.

Grahn is resigning after this school year, and there was some discussion on if he could take the students to the convention. It was decided that since he was also contracted as the advisor there should be no issue. LASD Board President Warren Jonasson requested that the students that attend the national convention provide reports to the school board about the trip.

The board members that attended the National School Board Association convention then gave reports of their thoughts and experiences at the national convention in Boston last week. Board members Dave Hart, Tiffany Hetletved, Warren Jonasson, and Cindy Stremick attended. They were all in agreement that the convention was very good and provided invaluable information about assigning homework, technology in the classroom, and handling social media.

In Other Business

• The board received one notice of retirement from Health Careers and Career Coop teacher Carla Symons.  Head Cook at the school, Bev Robillard, is also retiring after this school year. The board also acknowledged the resignations of Business and Accounting teacher Derek Grahn and pre-school Special  Education teacher Larissa Solseng.

• The board reviewed the lawn mowing and chemical application bids. One bid for mowing was received from Bill Mack which was accepted. One bid was received for chemical application from Northern Plains Tree Service which was also accepted.