Langdon City Commission holds short meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a short, regular meeting prior to the city equalization meeting on Monday, April 25.


Posted on 4/30/16

By Melissa Anderson

Each commissioner reviewed department updates from their respective portfolios for the other commissioners.

Commissioner Marty Tetrault gave an update for the street department. Tetrault stated that the new paving equipment that the city leased will be ready to roll out within the first few weeks of May.

Tetrault then asked for the rest of the commission’s opinion on which firm should handle the paving of the streets when Moore Engineering is working on infrastructure and Advanced Engineering and Environmental  Systems (AE2S) was working on street pavement.

Commissioner Chuck Downs stated that he felt that if Moore was working on infrastructure underneath they should complete the work from the bottom up to the pavement. Tetrault stated that Rob Gilseth felt the same. The other commissioners agreed that Moore should complete all work from start to finish for infrastructure projects and that those streets without infrastructure underneath them would be AE2S’s responsibility. For now, the commission will focus on the infrastructure project.

Commissioner Jim Rademacher and Downs explained to the rest of the commission that the Langdon City Water Treatment Plant is down to 100 gallons per minute due to a blockage somewhere in the plant.

The thought is that a chunk of lime or something has become lodged somewhere in the pipes  within the plant resulting in a search for the blocked pipe. Plant Manager Jason Busse is working on finding the blockage and clearing it to bring the plant back to production levels capable of handling upcoming spray season.

Cavalier County Sheriff Dave Zeis was present and informed the commission that the contract between the city and the county was up this year. The commission asked Sheriff Zeis if the Sheriff’s Department could compile a list of vehicles that need to be moved. There was also some discussion about the dog complaint that was filed a few weeks ago.

During her Auditor’s Report, Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth informed the commission that Blue Cross Blue Shield has increased the insurance rate by 12 percent for the city employee insurance plans.

Hoffarth also informed the commission on a Renaissance Zone request from Darryl Kempert. The commission approved the request.

The commission discussed the informational meeting held on April 21. The commission felt the meeting went well and believed the questions were all answered. The commission had hoped for a higher turnout from residents but knew that they had no control over that.

The commission will schedule another informational meeting for sometime before the June 14 primary when the ordinance will be voted on. The date will depend on the availability of NDSU Langdon Research Extension Center.

in Other Business

The next water informational meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on May 31 at the Langdon Research Extension Center.