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Mike’s Mosquito Minus

Mike's Mosquito

Posted on 5/7/16

By Melissa Anderson

Mosquitoes are hot topic this year beyond the general annoyance that they are. Luckily for those in the area, Mike Hartz has started Mike’s Mosquito Minus to help.

“I started this business because of the diseases that mosquitos cause,” Hartz explained, “Having a newborn child and pets, I looked into an alternative mosquito control to protect people in the area from diseases.”
The research that Hartz undertook to find an alternative to the harsh and often dangerous chemicals used in traditional mosquito control lead him to the product that he now uses. Hartz called various franchises around the Midwest region and even in Canada to find the best product for the area. After finding Mosquito Minus, Hartz knew that the safety provided by the organic product was the best choice.

The product is 100 percent organic making it safe for application in many areas from pools and patios to daycares and playgrounds.

“It’s safe to use around kids and pets, and once the area is sprayed it can be used immediately,” Hartz said.
The product controls pest populations by destroying the larvae of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and gnats, as well as other outdoor pests. How the product does this is by coming into contact with the larvae or eggs. The product immediately starts to break down the larvae or egg, reducing the population. The product also controls the existing populations of adult pests by driving them away.

“It’s the scent of the product that keeps the pests away by sweeping the entire area,” Hartz explained.
Hartz explained that the application would cover the entire area that was requested but would especially focus on areas of the yards or spaces that mosquitoes like to hide out during the heat of the day and at night.
“The product lasts anywhere from 21 to 28 days depending on rainfall,” Hartz said.

The duration of the product is not significantly impacted by rainfall unless it is a very heavy rain, making the product a good option for the area.

The cost for an in-town yard of a single lot size would be about $75 and a campground lot, such as those at Mt. Carmel Dam Recreation Area, are about $45. Larger areas, such as farmyards, will be dependent on acreage.

“There will be package deals available as well for those who are certain that the control will be necessary,” Hartz said.

Because there no permits required for the product, Hartz can apply the product whenever necessary or on short notice such as for events like outdoor weddings or concerts that find themselves besieged by mosquitoes but need to use the space immediately.

“The biggest thing is to call as soon as you start seeing mosquitoes, but a week in advance is good,” Hartz said.

Hartz explained that the reason he encourages customers to call sooner rather than later is that it helps keep the population low from the start.

“It’s hard to control a large, established population versus being proactive and having the populations be controlled from the get-go,” Hartz said.

For those who want to do their own spraying, Hartz can supply the product for a customer. There are free estimates available simply by calling or Facebook messaging him.

“An in-town yard is easy, but larger lots may take two to three days to measure.”

Be sure to keep your family safe and enjoy the outdoors this summer with Mike’s Mosquito Minus by calling 701-270-1221 or find him on Facebook at Mike’s Mosquito Minus.