Langdon City Commission meeting with short agenda

The Langdon City Commission held a short meeting on Monday, May 9.


Posted on 5/14/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commissioners first item of business was discussion over previously approved vacating of property in the industrial park. Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel had brought the issue to previous Langdon City Attorney Cameron Sillers on where that vacating process was and stated Sillers did not know.Wenzel stated he would begin working on that.

Wenzel then made the commission aware that the bid the city had placed on the railroad property located in town had been accepted. Wenzel stated that in the paperwork he received there were a few things such as mortgages and liens that he wanted to look into before the city signed.

The commission then discussed how that property would be dispersed among homeowners. The commission foresees the need to have the properties surveyed before being released and having the additions added to the residents’ current properties. The suggestion was made that the city could give the properties to the residents who wanted them with the residents paying the costs for the surveying and legal fees. The commission agreed that would be an option since at least it would get the property on the tax rolls.

The city will maintain ownership on the west end of the railroad property, however, and use it as an access point to the water tower.

In Other Business

• The commission approved a $2,000 donation from Bill Brooks to the Langdon Volunteer Fireman’s Relief Association.

• Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth informed the commission that Midcontinent will be increasing their rates which will mean increased franchise fees that must be paid to the city.