Cavalier County Commission meeting held with short agenda

The Cavalier County Commission met on Tuesday, May 17 with a very short agenda.


Posted on 5/21/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission then met with Tom Valentine. Valentine and the commission went over the issue of inaccurate soil assessments that he had brought forward at the previous meeting. Valentine and the commission discussed the revenue lost by the county by not having accurate tax assessments.

Overall, the commission confirmed that were was indeed issues with the soil assessments but that the county had to approach things one at a time and wanted to get through the Vanguard assessment first before fully tackling the issue of the soils being incorrectly assessed. In the meantime, the commission suggested that the assessors working in the county meet with the soils committee so that every one is on the same page.

In Other Business

Cavalier County Commissioner Nick Moser brought the local banks offers for funding of the emergency replacement of the pipes in the courthouse. Moser stated that Choice Financial and Farmers and Merchants Bank both brought in offers with longer terms and much lower interest rates than what was offered by the Honeywell lender. Moser recommended the lending terms offered by Farmers and Merchants Bank which the commission was in agreement with.

Moser also brought forward the idea of implementing a burn ban. Moser stated that he had been approached by many residents and area fire chiefs who would like to see a burn ban put in place for the county.  At the previous meeting, Cavalier County Emergency Manager Karen Kempert had reached out to the area chiefs and based on what she had heard back had recommended that the county follow the state fire index.

Moser stated that in talks with Kempert recently, she had expressed support for a county wide burn ban. Cavalier County Commission Chair Elsie Magnus agreed that with conditions being so dry in areas of the county that a county wide burn ban should be put in place.

The motion was made and approved to implement a county wide, total burn ban. An individual may burn only with prior approval from their district fire chief and then the individual must notify the Sheriffs office. The ban will remain in effect until conditions warrant the lifting of the ban.