Langdon Area School Board terminates business manager contract

The Langdon Area School Board held a special meeting on Monday, May 16 to discuss contracts of teachers and administration.


Posted on 5/21/16

By Melissa Anderson

The board went into executive session to discuss the superintendent position and other contracts. Coming out of executive session, the board made motions to create a search and interview committee to begin the process of finding a new superintendent with Warren Jonasson in charge of that process.

Following that motion, the motion was made to terminate business manager Terian Chaput’s contract with the school district. There was no reason given for the termination nor   was there an end date included in the motion. The motion was approved. LASD Board Member Cregg Stein was the only board member to vote against the termination of Chaput.

“I did not know that we were going to be talking about Terian’s contract. I was completely blindsided when all of a sudden we’re in executive session and firing her,” Stein said later.

“Terian was an excellent business manager. She knew her job and she cared about the school and it’s students,” Stein added.

Chaput removed her personal items from the school that evening.

On Tuesday, May 17 board president Warren Jonasson, vice president Cindy Stremick and board member Dave Hart met to create a plan of action moving forward without a business manager.

The three board members have brought Dawn Roppel in to handle the business manager duties until a permanent business manager is hired. Roppel’s interim position as business manager will be approved by the board on Monday, May 23 at 7:30 p.m.

Following the closing of discussion, the Cavalier County Republican asked what the reasons or grounds for Chaput’s termination were after so many years with the school district. Jonasson refused to give the paper a reason for Chaput’s termination at that time. Jonasson did state that Chaput was aware her contract could possibly be terminated prior to the meeting on May 16.

Jonasson also stated that the school board has always had an idea or a plan for action for when Chaput would no longer be providing her services to the school. Jonasson stated that prior to the May 16 meeting, the plan had always been centered around Chaput’s retirement or resignation.

Jonasson and the school board will move forward with trying to find a qualified replacement as soon as possible along with a new superintendent for LASD.

In an interview later in the week, Chaput stated that she had no prior notice to her position possibly being terminated. Chaput was called into the executive session where the board informed her that her contract with the school would either be terminated or she could resign.

In Other Business

During the regular meeting the school board approved a teaching contract for a new kindergarten teacher and part-time cook position.

The board approved the summer school teacher and paraprofessional. A substitute teacher was not presented at the meeting.

The board approved the class advisors for the next school year and also the drivers education instructors for the summer. The board approved weight room advisors for the summer.

Clarification to article concerning the school board meeting on May 16:

The reason for Langdon Area School District Superintendent Mark Mindt’s resignation should have read a “difference of opinion between Jonasson and Mindt was his pursuit of a culture of leadership” rather than “culture and leadership”.