Spotlight on community

The City of Langdon along with Choice Financial, Cavalier County Memorial Hospital (CCMH), and Cavalier County Transit will be hosting a Clean-Up Day on May 26 from 5 to 8 p.m.

community clean up

Posted on 5/21/16

By Melissa Anderson

The reason for the Clean-Up Day is to help clear the city streets and public areas of trash that has accumulated over the winter.

“I was out walking with my daughter on one of the nice days we have had and I saw all the garbage that was all around and wished I had a bag to collect the trash in,” Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth said.

“There were so many people out that night. I just thought that if everyone had a bag to pick up trash how much we could clean up so quickly,” Hoffarth added.

Hoffarth discussed the idea with Langdon City Deputy Auditor Kensi Eisenzimmer who agreed it was a great idea.  Cavalier County Job Development Authority Shannon Duerr was notified of the idea, and the three set to work to make it a reality.

“All of a sudden we had sponsors and the date was set,” Hoffarth said.

Choice Financial was the first to be contacted and was very willing to help by donating food. CCMH was next and was more than willing to donate items to assist the community in the clean up such as garbage bags and rubber gloves. Not to be left out, Cavalier County Transit offered to give rides to help shuttle those helping around the city to different areas, maximizing the impact the clean-up would have on the city.

“We just want our community to look nice with the help of the community,” Hoffarth said.

So what to do those who want to help clean up the city need to do? The starting and ending point for the evening of community building is Boyd Block. Residents wanting to help get the city cleaned up for summer fun are asked to meet any time after 5 p.m. on May 26 at Boyd Block where they will be given garbage bags and gloves. Participants can then either walk or take a ride on the Cavalier County Transit bus to a location to help get the city in tip-top shape for the upcoming summer events.

Once the garbage is all cleaned up, participants will meet back at Boyd Block before 8 p.m. where the trash will be collected into Waste Management totes to be disposed of. After all the hard work put into making the city clean and friendly, participants can stick around and enjoy a hamburger or hot dog dinner.

“The community’s appearance is frequently mentioned at public meetings,” Hoffarth explained, “Many business owners who may recruit employees from out-of-town are supportive of this as they want the community to look nice when they bring people in and are showing them around.Plus we think it will be fun.”

So be sure to come together with your fellow residents to help clean-up the leftovers of winter and get the City of Langdon spruced up and ready for summer fun on May 26 by taking part in the Clean-Up Day.