Cavalier County and Langdon City Commissions Candidates

The Candidates for Cavalier County Commission are Rick Ring, Shauna Schneider and Dave Zeis. Ring is seeking re-election.

Posted on 6/4/16

By Melissa Anderson

Rick Ring

Rick Ring–Ring is married to Karen Ring, a teacher at Langdon Area School District. Ring was an aerial applicator for 38 years, flying under Ring Aerial Spraying Inc. Ring sold out his business to Ryan Howatt of Howatt Air two years ago and continues to fly for Howatt in a semi-retired status. Ring is finishing his first term as a Cavalier County Commissioner and is seeking re-election.

Why did you decide to run for re-election to the Cavalier County Commission?

“I wasn’t planning on running for re-election but what made me run again was the response from citizens of Cavalier County asking me to run again. I will try to do my best for the citizens. I think I got four more years in me so I will do my best.

What do you hope to achieve during your term if re-elected?

“I hope to fulfill my responsibility for the district I represent. I’m out to do my job. That includes making sure the roads are taken care of for the farmers to being responsible with the money that comes in from the citizens. That’s what this is all about.”

Shauna Schneider

Shauna Schneider – Schneider is married to Mark Schneider and they have three children: Cole, Brooke, and McKenzie Darling. Schneider has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration.  Schneider and her husband are fourth generation farmers in the Wales area. Schneider is the Secretary/Treasurer for the Cavalier County Water Resource Board.

Why did you want to run for election to the Cavalier County Commission?

“It is very important for taxpayers to be represented throughout the county.  The majority of the tax dollars are coming from agricultural land taxes and I feel it is important for the rural areas to be represented at the table fairly.”

What do you hope to achieve in during your term if elected?

“One of my goals would be to see that all taxpayers are treated fairly during the valuation process of their property whether its residential, commercial or agricultural. I would also seek out other funding opportunities to help with county infrastructure projects. Another goal would be to ensure proper maintenance and enhancement of Public Safety Services throughout the county.”

Dave Zeis

Dave Zeis– Zeis and wife, Debbie, have three children, Misty, Marty Jo, and David Jr. A life long resident of Cavalier County, Zeis grew up on a family farm north of Wales and attended Wales Public School until the high school closed, spending his last two years at Hannah Public School and graduating in 1969. Zeis attended college at Lake Region Community College in Devils Lake obtaining a 2 year Liberal Arts degree and also attended Minot State College and received an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. After over 40 years of service, Zies will be retiring from the Sheriff’s Department on September 12, 2016.

Why do you want to run for Cavalier County Commission?

“The last few years I have contemplated running for the County Commission and when I did find out there would be an opening in the commission when Commissioner Tom Borgen decided not to run for re-election, I decided that it was a good opportunity to continue to serve Cavalier County. As Sheriff, I got to know most of the county residents and have developed a lot of good friendships throughout the county. I grew up here and have spent my life serving the county and would like to continue as a county commissioner. I do know that being in county government all my life the transition to commissioner would come a little bit easier for me than most newly elected officials, even though there are things I will need to learn.”

What do you hope to achieve in during your term if elected?

“If elected I want the citizens of Cavalier County to know that I will do my best to serve them. There is one thing that I have always done while serving as Sheriff and that is treat people with the respect they deserve. I will have an open mind and will do what is best for all. One important issue would be to keep the infrastructure of Cavalier County intact and growing to keep up with the never ending changing times.”

The Candidates for Langdon City Commission are Lawrence Henry and Marty Tetrault, who are both seeking re-election.

Lawrence Henry

Lawrence Henry– Henry is a lifelong resident of Langdon and along with wife, Katie, has one son, Carl. Henry has a degree in A.A.S. in Architectural Drafting and Construction Estimating from NDSCS,  A.A.S in John Deere Ag Technology from NDSCS, B.S. Business Administration from Mayville State University. Currently, Henry works for NDSU, at Langdon Research Extension Center as a Research Specialist.

Why did you decide to run for re-election to the Langdon City Commission?

“I want to serve my community and to keep Langdon a great place to live.I would like to see our current projects completed and also work towards improving our infrastructure.”

Marty Tetrault

Marty Tetrault– Tetrault has three children Connor, Carissa, and Carter. Tetrault has been a journeyman lineman at Cavalier Rural Electric for the past 19 years.

Why did you decide to run for re-election to the Langdon City Commission?

“I decided to run for my fifth term because no one else is running and felt committed  to this water project and upcoming improvements of the streets, hopefully, in the next few years.”