Langdon Area School Board holds district planning meeting

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) Board held a special meeting for district planning.


Posted on 6/4/16

By Melissa Anderson

The board reviewed the co-op agreement that was approved between LASD and Edmore. The agreement was accepted by LASD, Munich, St. Alphonsus and Edmore. The co-op covers all sports except for varsity football, which Edmore is currently in a co-op with Lakota which has one year left.

Edmore and Munich will split the cost for any additional coaching staff as well as share in the cost of the bus fee.

The board discussed the approval of additional contract days for Langdon Area High School Principal Daryl Timian and Langdon Area Elementary Principal Todd Hetler to allow them to oversee the summer projects taking place until July. The board approved additional days on an as needed basis to allow the principals to review and give updates on progress at  the next regular school board meeting.

The board discussed the two candidates that had been interviewed for the vacant LASD Superintendent position. The board discussed a desire for experience but board member Dave Hart felt that one candidates intelligence and ability would compensate for lack of experience and motioned for Steve Thompson to be approved as the new Superintendent. It not receive a second and failed for lack of one. The motion was made to make Daren Christianson the new Superintendent, which was approved. The board requested that Christanson be contacted immediately.

The board went into executive session to discuss the numbers in the contract that would be sent to Christianson as well as discuss ancillary staff pay.

Coming out of executive session, the board approved the numbers they discussed in executive session for the contract to be offered to Christianson. The board approved a four percent raise for the ancillary staff.