Cavalier County Commission holds equalization meeting

The Cavalier County Commission held their regular meeting along with the county equalization meeting on Tuesday, June 7.


Posted on 6/11/16

By Melissa Anderson

The equalization meeting went relatively smoothly with Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz clarifying the farm exemption status for residential properties. Lafrenz recommended that the commercial properties and residential properties remain at the level that they are and that the agricultural assessments be increased 10 percent.

Randy Balsdon approached the commission about the abatement that was filed last year at the county level. Balsdon explained that he is one of several who filed abatements following inaccurate assessments on his property and that his was still not resolved. The commission advised that Balsdon speak with Langdon City Assessor Jerry Ratzlaff about the abatement.

Ratzlaff was present for the equalization hearing and stated that he has addressed several inaccurate and unfair assessments already and is very willing to meet with homeowners to address any concerns that they have about their property’s assessment.

Cavalier County Commission Chair Elsie Magnus addressed Ratzlaff asking him to approach the Langdon City Commission about informing the city’s residents on what’s going with the assessments.

The commission next addressed a mix-up that occurred on an assessment in Fremont Township. The commission addressed the mix-up and then accepted Lafrenz’s suggestion for how the individual could prove that they qualified for the farm exemption status.

A resident with property in Nekoma Township requested that one of his buildings be recategorized as farm rather than commercial that an assessor placed it as in 2013. The commission asked the resident to explain what the building was used for. He stated it was used to store campers and boats over the winter and that he only charged enough to cover the insurance on the building, which he believed did not make it a commercial building.

The commission asked if any other buildings were on the property and what they were used for. The resident said that there was and that one of the buildings is rented to a beekeeper. The commission, after some discussion, denied the request and stated that what he described fits into the commercial category.

Tom Valentine brought forward his abatement and easement requests for property he owns in South Dresden Township. The commission denied the requests.

In Other Business

• The commission met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston to discuss updates on road projects and related information.

• The commission met with Greg Fetsch of the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department. Fetsch requested that the commission approve funds for up to one month of training prior to the September retirement of current sheriff, Dave Zeis. The commission approved the request.